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Update: We were had. The above image is a clever Photoshop by Daniel Uy, one which was repurposed by another site and cleverly manipulated to create the “blurrycam” shot we saw this morning. Yes, both images are of the same device. But both images are also fakes. Uy’s was created as a mockup based off the shot of the phone’s bezel that leaked yesterday, while the image appearing at Know Your Mobile was intentionally created to deceive. And it worked. Still, even with both images proven fake, we wouldn’t surprised if the final production Galaxy Note 2 looked similar to Uy’s representation. And if it does, we wouldn’t complain about that one bit.


Earlier this morning we got a blurry look at what was the most convincing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 leak yet. A few hours later we are all but certain that what we saw was the final design after yet another image has leaked, this time showing both the front and back of the device clearly. Just as previous rumors have suggested, the Note 2 carries a lot of design elements in common with the flagship Galaxy S3 released earlier this summer. The camera/speaker section is similarly arranged, the handset lacks any real hard edges, and it’s looking like Marble White will be one of the color options.

There is the 5.5-inch display, there is the slot for the S-Pen. On the screen is reproduced the invite for this year’s IFA Unpacked event, where the Note 2 will be formally introduced to the world. So there you have it folks. What do you think?

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