Aug 17th, 2012

First, it was the Android neon desk lamp and now, the latest Android-related paraphernalia to set the internet abuzz is — Android ice cube trays. Yes folks, ice cubes. Whether at a barbeque or dinner party, there’s no better way to show your devotion to Google’s green robot than with cute little Android shaped ice cubes.

Given that the trays are made with a flexible food-grade silicone, they can actually be filled with a variety of foods and/or liquids like chocolate, making them the perfect gift to give to your Android sweetie (or save for yourself). Each tray, holds 8 iced Androids, which means there you’ll be making a trips back and forth from the freezer to your drink. Might wanna buy in bulk. The Android Ice Cube Tray is made by Android Foundry but will be available in September, from EntertainmentEarth for $12.

Thanks, Josh!

[Android Foundry | EntertainmentEarth]