Aug 16th, 2012

If Fleksy looks familiar, it’s because it is. After the folks behind BlindType sold their initial concept to Google to be integrated into future versions of Android’s stock keyboard (starting with ICS), they have taken several elements of the keyboard created for the blind and repackaged it as Fleksy for iOS. Fleksy, as if by some sort of voodoo, can decipher a garbled word containing all the wrong letters and turn it into exactly the text you meant to type. Add in swipe gestures for deleting words, adding spaces, and changing punctuation, and you get one of the most intuitive typing experience ons a smartphone we have ever seen. So intuitive you can hide the keyboard completely and still tap out words with perfect autocorrection.

It’s obvious that the creators of Fleksy, Ioannis Verdelis and Kostas Eleftheriou of Syntellia, still wanted a chance to target the iOS market after selling their initial proof-of-concept software keyboard after removing BlindType from contention with its sale to Google, but there are still plans to launch the software keyboard on all mobile platforms. Hopefully this happens sooner than later, because Fleksy looks to improve the typing experience for everyone, not just the blind.

[via TechCrunch]

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