Discover now offering direct integration with Google Wallet


Discover Card users now have a quick and easy way to add their card to their Google Wallet account thanks to Google’s new initiative to more tightly integrate all major cards into their mobile payment service. Users can now visit the Discover site and directly and securely link their account info to Google Wallet. The process is as simple as visiting, clicking “Add Your Card,” and signing into your Google account. You don’t even need your card number.

After setting things up you can set your Discover Card as your primary means of payment or simply keep it among your reserves, using Discover-provided graphics to easily identify the card and select it when making a payment. Now if only more carriers could get behind Google Wallet, maybe the ball would really get rolling on this mobile payments thing.

[via Google Commerce Blog]

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  1. I wish Google would hurry up and sort out Wallet for the UK.

  2. i wish vendors would hurry up and adopt NFC readers

    1. Thanks to NFC we now have 87 more places to add to the millions of places we can shop at with our credit cards.

  3. hear bloody hear

  4. Wow so how long till I can put my Mastercard and Visa on to Google wallet??

    1. It’s already been reported that you can add any VISA or MasterCard.

      1. Oh really, thanks didn’t know that.

  5. Does anyone actually have a Discover card? Are there even any merchants out there that take Discover cards?

    1. Umm, Yes. Discover is accepted in most major retailers and restuarants. The ones that dont accept it are generally small businesses.

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