Big Instagram update adds photo map, faster photo scrolling


Instagram has updated its Android app (and other mobile apps) to version 3.0 today, bringing about a few major changes to the way we interact with our hipsterized photo stream. The biggest announcement is the debut of Instagram’s photo map, a new way of browsing the pictures you have taken. Photos are pinned to the location they were taken and grouped on a map to offer a unique perspective on the moment they were captured. You can set the photo map as your regular profile view or choose the classic grid or photo stream formats.

Additionally, the need to load more photos when nearing the end of your photo stream has been replaced with infinite scrolling. More photos now load automatically as you scroll through the photos uploaded by friends. The upload screen as also been updated with a cleaner look while retaining all the same functionality. You can grab the latest version of Instagram from Google Play now.

Instagram 3.0 – Photo Maps Walkthrough from Instagram on Vimeo.

Google Play Download Link: Instagram

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  1. Still doesn’t fix the app freezing and rebooting the phone when trying to upload a picture on the Rezound.

    1. no probs on Rezound here, although I only used it a handful of times. It *is* instagram and still a piece of crap.

  2. meh! still no reason to download

  3. Yawn. Does it still look like a lost iPhone app?

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