Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 available August 16 in the US, starts at $499


Ladies and gentlemen, get your S-Pens ready. Samsung has just dropped the official availability details for the Galaxy Note 10.1, and you won’t have to wait long to get one. The tablet-sized take on the company’s Galaxy Note will be available tomorrow, August 16th, starting at a price of $499 for a 16GB WiFi-only model. 32GB of storage comes at a price of $549.

The Note 10.1 is an ICS slate with a 10.1-inch TFT LCD display, quad-core Exynos processor, and 5MP rear camera.It’s main selling point is the enhanced input capabilities of the tab’s digital stylus, which makes things like note taking and drawing a breeze. It’s been a long wait since the Galaxy Note 10.1 was first unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February, but judging by the changes that have been made to the tablet since then it was well worth it.


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  1. Ok ok. I am confused with all the models out there. What is the Galaxy 10.1 vs Galaxy 10.2 galaxy??
    Is there a list of current devices/model numbers somewhere with an explanation?

    1. There is a Galaxy tab 7 and 10.1 (the originals from last year or earlier) There’s the Galaxy tab 2 – 7 and 10.1 (the new models) This is the galaxy NOTE 10.1 (A 10 inch version of the galaxy note phone but it’s just a tablet not a phone) Confusing I know. Also there is a Galaxy tab 7 plus and a Galaxy tab 7.7 which are both fairly recent. However, all you need to know if you are interested in buying one and you want a 10 inch the one mentioned in this article (Galaxy **NOTE** 10.1) is the best one to be released to date.

  2. good stuff. people need to be more patient and stop buying these things for 700 just for them to loose their value when they come over here for 30% cheaper

  3. and this has 2gbs of ram right?

    1. Yes, it has 2GB RAM.

  4. I just got done packing up my Asus transformer infinity. What a let down this tablet is.
    Going for the Samsung first thing in the morning.

    1. What is wrong with the Infinity? (Genuenly asking because I have been interested in it not arguing.)

    2. What? By all reports I’ve seen, the Infinity it is a fantastic tablet. The only practical thing I see that the sammy has over it is the s pen and 5Ghz wifi. Otherwise, the Infinity has over the Sammy a better screen (1920×1080 vs 1280×800), longer battery life by 1.5 hours, higher pixel camera front and back (8/2 vs 5/1.9), external storage, and HDMI out. I am actually packing up my Transformer Prime for the Infinity (could care less about the s-pen). What was it about the Infinity that let you down?

  5. Is this beast gonna be cheaper in the states???? Probably getting rid of my prime for this!

    1. lol im getting rid of my prime for it, and the price is 500 for 16gb and 550 for 32gb says so in the article

      1. Totally misread the title……….thought it said UK, my fault!

    2. I think the cheaper price, is just because it’s the WiFi model?

  6. The only thing I don’t like is that the stylus is stored all the way on the bottom right. Sucks for us left handed people. Might wait for a verizon LTE version, but definitely excited to get one of these.

    1. I’m mostly kidding, but you could always use the tablet upside down when you get one, since the screen orientates. :)

  7. Was planning on getting one for school, but they screwed up the screen…

  8. Must has!!! This thing has 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity! I was only expecting 512 max.

    I own a Cintiq 12wx, which is a 1280 x 800 12″ LCD drawing screen, so this Samsung has me super excited. I’m going to use mine to digitally paint on the go and carry it every where I carry my sketchpad — I never abandoned paper and never want to.

  9. From what I’ve heard the display isnt that good and if you’re going to be drawing or touching up photos then you’ll need a higher Res screen to see all the details. This is a pass for me. The quad core and 2 gigs of ram is nice but I’ll wait for Samsung high res tab to come out

    1. Would you mind doing me a favor? It involves slapping yourself. It would make me feel better, because the level of ignorance you just spewed from your post makes my brain hurt.

      Let me fill you in on how people draw and paint digitally, and edit photos — so people like me. It’s called ZOOMING and PANNING! Think of the screen as a view port to a larger image.

      Just to bring you up to speed, for as long as there’s been digital art, there’s never been enough pixels on the screen to account for printable images.

      I don’t know where you’re getting your advice — Apple’s marketing machine and its army of lapdogs? — but the screen on this Samsung tablet is more than adequate for painting digitally and touching up photos — what’s not up to speed, is the programs.

      I do art and programming for a living — almost 20 years professionally. Some of my beige workstations had a lower rez screen than this new Samsung tablet. I was using Fractal Painter on a 640 x 480 CRT Monitor… So needless to say, your hit my pasionate nerve.

      1. You could have just explained that without being a troll, its OK though 95 percent of the people who comment on this site are trolls anyway!

  10. Real shame. I was about to buy this thing for my wife who does a lot of illustration… but I knew the chances would be high that Samsung would put a bunch of poorly thought out, hacky implemented “features” and changes all over Android that totally killed the beautiful experience that stock Android gives. I’ll wait and see what the modding community can do with this… I suspect Cyanogen on this puppy would be amazing.

  11. @jbo, mine was very slow and had tons of screen bleed. And the screen flickered constantly. I got the note 10.1 today and while it has its strong points, the screen is horrible on it. You can see pixels in everything on it. I’m talking it back and just going to stick with my og tab 10.1 for now.

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