Aug 14th, 2012

As an Android user, we’re often forced to find creative ways of keeping our devices juiced up on-the-go. The other day I ran across a Kickstarter campaign that looks to solve the most fundamental cause of this problem: keeping a USB charging cable with you at all times. Whether you’re at a friends house, or simply rollin’ with da homies in the six-fo, chances are you have access to some kind of USB port. Only problem is you’re less likely to have a 1-foot charging cable bunched up in your skinny jeans. Enter, the ChargeCard.

The ChargeCard makes sure you always have the most vital component in making sure your device stays charged, by smashing a USB cable into the shape of a credit card where it can easily be stowed away in your wallet or back pocket. At $25 retail, it doesn’t come cheap. Hell, I could buy about 15 USB cables for that price, but that’s the price of convenience.

With still 13 days left to go, the ChargeCard has already reached full funding on Kickstarter where there’s still room for backers to pledge $20 to get their own later this year. The only pitfalls I can find with the ChargeCard is that you really can’t use your device while it’s being charged (thanks to very limited movement), and of course, it’s price. At $10, I could see these flying off the shelves.

Keep in mind there are alternatives. The internet is ripe full of USB charging/date cables that double as bracelets and even some that fit on keychains but at around the same pricing as the ChargeCard (some even more expensive), this Kickstarter campaign is looking all the more attractive. Anyone else thinking about backing the ChargeCard? Or am I alone in my sentiment?

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