LG Optimus Vu officially headed to America


While we’ve long had suspcion of LG’s plans to bring the LG Optimus Vu to America, it is nice to get some solid confirmation. A press release by the South Korean company today mentioned that the device would be launched in the United States.

The device features a 5 inch HD display, but the aspect ratio is what’s really interesting. LG decided to employ a 4:3 aspect ratio making this a rather “fat” and more square phone than what we’re used to.

While I have my reservations about the comfort of such a device it looks to be a decent offering. The phone will house a 1.5GHz dual-core processor by Qualcomm and makes use of digitized styli ala the Samsung Galaxy Note.

But where’s it going? Well recent FCC filings indicate Verizon is a definite destination, but it’s possible other carriers could be in line. I’m not saying this thing will get the Samsung Galaxy S3 treatment, but it’s possible. Would you buy a phone so… unwieldy? [LG via Unwired View]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. So why does LG think this is a good idea? The shape is terrible and it has last gen phablet specs. This won’t do good at all next to the Note 2 and One XXL..

    1. Is One XXL a real thing? That’s a terribly stupid name.

      1. HTC is taking the “mine’s bigger” philosophy.

  2. “fugly” comes to mind looking at this device

    1. I kept clicking “1^ ” but it only counted once…

  3. I wouldn’t use that fugly 4:3 monster even it came with the girl…

    1. LoL! No disrespect to the girl. Before I read the article, I though it was a tablet. Who is going to hold such a big phone in their hand? I predict a lot of phone dropping to the ground.

      1. I’m sorry but judging by the phone’s size that chick has got really huge hands. She could probably palm my a$$ with those rakes.

        1. Nah. The phone is 90.4 mm, aka 3.56 inches, wide. Even an average ten-year old child would be able to hold that between their thumb and fingers. It’s the wide-angle photography that makes it look a bit freakish.

    2. Ever notice how LG’s phone releases always have a girl posing with an unnecessary number of the specific device? Other manufacturers do this to an extent, but LG seems to take it to a whole new level.


      Geez that link is almost as big as the phone… click it anyway.

        1. Haha, if that’s what you want to call them. I officially think of LG as weird now…

        2. those are 3 of the 5 members of the kpop group big bang. they released a song to promote this phone called “lollipop” (shocking name) which featured their label mate, girl group 2NE1 (aka the best kpop group of them all /biased)

          there’s some trivia for the day :)

          1. Nice trivia. Thanks for that.

  4. I think having a phone that wide will turn a lot more people off than having a 5.5-inch with 16:9 aspect ratio. Makes the phone seem huge when it’s 4:3

    1. Agreed. I also noticed the little pen they have for it looks very generic, almost like a cheap stylus you would get from Best Buy. The S pen appears to have a much more defined tip. It makes the Vu look like a cheap knock off.

      Here is a visual comparison. The note seems huge when compared to other phones, but it is at the upper end of comfortable as far as size. The Vu kind of crossed over that fine line in my opinion… This is going to make it difficult to do anything with just one hand.

  5. I will never buy an LG product again after trying two nitros that both fired in the 1st few days. And this phone is just ridiculous, the design team should be fired.

  6. Huge Bezel…..

  7. POS

  8. looks like a tablet.

  9. They’ve sold half a million of these in Korea, and apparently it’s very popular with the ladies, so maybe it’s not too big for human hands after all.

  10. And yet despite all that, the launcher still only has 4 icons horizontally…

  11. I want the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon, not this trash.

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