Tweet Lanes Update Adds Pinch-To-Zoom Images, Direct Messages – Notifications Coming Soon


There’s no denying that when Twee Lanes landed in the Play Store, it gave many “more established” Twitter apps a run for their money. Not because it was perfect — far from it — but because it showed potential. That potential is beginning to become a reality with every update, the latest of which added a few features many users were saying kept the app from a perfect 5-star rating.

Users can now pinch-to-zoom when viewing pics (a feature I never knew I wanted) and can finally access their direct messages. Not sure how the app ever launched without it, but developer Chris Lacy has been strides saying notifications will be coming in a future update.

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  1. I dont get DM’s anyway, so I didn’t miss the feature much. :)

  2. I wanna love this app but seriously am I the only one who wants to be able to save a pic by long pressing?
    If I just had that I would drop Plume but right now to simply save a pic from twitter I have to open it in the browser and ‘save image’

    1. Screen shot. Your welcome

  3. just tried the app and its awesome! i love how its themed perfectly consistent with the 4.0+ gapps

  4. Twitter = stupid

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