T-Mobile posts up minor updates for myTouch 3G Slide and G2


HTC and T-Mobile are touching up the pain on a few older models with the release of new software updates for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide and T-Mobile G2. The updates don’t come with a change in Android version, but they do move the needle on the software versions. The myTouch3G Slide moves up to 2.15.531.5 while the G2 will now rest at version 2.16.531.6. The contents of the update includes a security patch and stability improvements.

Neither will be issued over the air, instead they are available as a download direct from HTC. If you are still running one of these aging devices it can’t hurt to give the new software an install. They might just be the last we see for the pair.

[HTC, 2 via AndroidPolice]

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  1. It might hurt if my free wi-fi teathering is taken away! Pass!

  2. And the my touch q js.

  3. I m going get Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q (release Aug. 15th) .. my G2 going to be R.I.P… i will miss G2 :(

    1. If you are with T Mobile, get the Galaxy Nexus from the play store and insert your SIM card. It’s what I did and it was the best thing I’ve done. No longer committed to a contract and I am ALWAYS first for updates.

      1. I’m assuming that like Groh_G2, we both favor the G2 due to its keyboard slider. The few keyboard slider phones that TMo has released since then haven’t offered more than a few incremental improvements. I threw ICS on my G2, loved it, but realized that after using it for a little while, it bottlenecks badly. I’m very excited about the Galaxy S Blaze Q.

  4. tmobile gave me a new sensation instead of sending me refurbished ones that were all defective in one way or another, love that insurance.

  5. loved my 3g slide was a great phone very underated

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