Samsung’s New Exynos Dual 5 To Mop The Floor With Current Generation Quad-Cores


It’s been awhile since we heard from Samsung’s beefy Exynos 5250 processors. In fact, it was November of last year when we first told you guys that the dual-core A15’s would be making their debut in Sammy devices starting Q2 of this year. Right on schedule, the Samsung Exynos 5 Dual CPU’s are making an appearance today in a white paper detailing all their features and they’re impressive to say the least. Samsung’s Exynos Dual 5’s are based on A15 architecture clocked to 1.7GHz, but don’t let the “dual” fool you — when paired with the all new Mali-T604 GPU, these will mop the floor with current quad-core A9-based processors, such as the Tegra 3 or the quad-core Exynos found inside the Galaxy S3.

The aforementioned Mali-T604 GPU is capable of supporting 2560×1600 WQXGA resolutions and other features include WiFi Display support, LPDDR3 RAM 800MHz RAM, USB 3.0, Panel Self Refresh for reduced power consumption — all of this built using Samsung’s 32nm HKMG (High K Metal Gate) manufacturing process. Better. Smarter. Faster. 30% less power consumption. I think I need a cold shower…

I have blind hope we’ll see the Exynos Dual 5 inside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but it looks like the first round of these are reserved for more full sized tablets, like the rumored 11.8-inch Samsung P10 tab.

[Samsung Blog | Samsung’s Whitepaper | Via AndroidAuthority]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Nexus 4

    1. That would be cool, a nexus that’s using the very latest hardware.
      Mmm, salivating.

    2. That would be awesome, but I doubt it.

      As peantusrevenge said, Nexus devices don’t seem to be released with the very latest hardware.

      I also think that Google learned from their mistake with the Galaxy Nexus Verizon exclusivity, and will never repeat that again. Meaning, they will probably make the next Nexus available unlocked on the Play store at a competitive price. To offer the Nexus unlocked at a competitive price means cutting corners with slightly less robust hardware specs.

      But who knows :)

      1. Every Q4 Nexus device has been released with updated hardware over Q2 products, the Galaxy Nexus had a better processor, better screen and better camera than the Galaxy S2, and it’s pretty much a given that every Q3 device is going to be running on either the revamped S4 Pro or Tegra 3 at least. As far as Exynos 5250, it’s really hard to say if they are going to release it in the Note 2, but I’m guessing they aren’t over the S4 Pro and they’re only going to use it in their upcomming Windows tablets or they’ll miss the boat with it entirely and we’ll see an even more impressive chip in the Galaxy S4 by next year.

        1. I am a GS2 owner and a Gnex owner, and I have to say that the GS2 games better, but the Nexus does everything flawlessly otherwise. Specs don’t always make the device.

          1. that has more to do with gs2’s ancient 800×480 resolution than the processors (all a9s are virtually identical). New benchmarks are going to show Mali400 for what it really is: average.

          2. mali 400 was a world beater for its time

            stop the revisionist history on how the mali 400 just now is “average”

        2. The Nexus does not have a better camera or processor than the S2. The Nexus S had the exact same specs as the original Galaxy S.

        3. I don’t think the Nexus has a better cpu than the S2. OMAP sucks.

          1. Yup the Galaxy S II was actually more impressive than when the SIII launched. It was like a year WHOLE 12 MONTHS Ahead of everything. Thats why Galaxy Nexus’s gpu and even camera seemed little of an upgrade. I’m proud to be an owner!

    3. You mean, Nexus 5.. O_o

      1. hopefully

      2. Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7….frick you’re right.

        1. but then what… nexus 5 AFTER nexus 7 makes little sense, then we have nexus 6 then skip to nexus 8 lol?!!!! WTH google

        2. No it should be Nexus 4 because Nexus 7 is a tab

        3. Nexus 6. You forgot about the Nexus Q…

      3. You mean, if you guys want to go with numbers…Nexus Two

    4. I am looking forward to speculation starting around the Nexus 4 or whatever it will be called. I think the new Nexus will have some big shoes to fill for sure.

  2. Okay, so by conservative estimates, the CPU wont be much faster than current gen quads at 1.7GHz but Samsung originally said these puppies can clock all the way up to 2.5GHz.

    Don’t forget the more powerful Mali T604 GPU which will most definitely mop the floor with the old Mali 400.

    1. we can’t estimate CPU performance with clock speed only. Design architecture matters more. I bet Exynos 5 trumps Tegra3 CPU scores even at the same clock.

      1. This.

      2. That’s not saying much, even the current Exynos processors beat the crap out of Tegra 3, at a lower clockspeed!

  3. Sounds like the difference between the S4 and Tegra3 in that the cpus side of things are almost the same while the tegra3 does better on the gpu side of things. Hopefully these new chips will have lte built in unlike the tegra3 chips.

    1. Yes, I too want to know if it will support LTE. No more of this separate LTE radio crap like in my current phone.

    2. From the documentation I can find, it seems that the 5250 will be LTE friendly, but we still don’t have all the details yet.

  4. I found this:
    that WQXGA resolution…mmmm…. :)

    And, can someone explain it to me, why Cortex A15 is next, right after A9? o.O

  5. do u think it will be in this tablet mentioned in a previous article here on phandroid? the resolution suggests so.
    if this tablet is gonna be OCed to 2.5 Ghz as @Chris Chavez suggests is possible then this will be the must have 10+ inch tab of the year.

  6. Will there be a noticeable step up from Tegra 3 tablets in everyday use? I don’t mean hardcore gaming, just everyday stuff like web browsing and multi-tasking, etc.

    1. Yes.

  7. Watch This will be in the s4 and not in the next nexus

  8. Who cares about it really if Samsung never puts EXYNOS in American USA devices?

    1. sprint epic 4g touch galaxy s 2

    2. Everyone else in the world.

    3. The Epic 4G Touch on Sprint has an Exynos.

      1. Yep, I’m still rocking it!

      2. if only it was on a gsm device

  9. November 2012 Nexus phone debut!! Just in Time..

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