HTC One S now $149.99 at T-Mobile through August 21


T-Mobile is offering a sale on their HTC One S, one that sees the price of the phone drop to $149.99 when purchased alongside a two-year contract agreement. The One series phone regularly retails for $199.99, so the $50 in savings is no small thing. While not quite as powerful as the HTC One X, the One S still has plenty to offer with the improved Sense 4 experience wrapped up in a sleek form factor.

According to TMo, the deal will be available through August 21st, and, while it may be totally unrelated, comes at a time when the carrier is reportedly planning to launch the HTC One X+, a hardware enhanced version of the One X.

[TMobile via UnwiredView]

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  1. How is it not as powerful as the One X? They use the same processor, and have the same RAM and storage. The only differences are the screen and LTE. It even scored a bit higher in some of the benchmarks.

    1. Yes they both use the Snapdragon S4 in the USA which is a beast.

    2. true, same guts + lower screen res would (in theory) actually yield HIGHER performance.

      perhaps they mean lower quality, as in, not positioned as a high end device.

  2. This is my favorite phone on the market right now. If only it came out as a Nexus with Jelly Bean.

    I’ll never buy a non-Nexus again.

  3. Still overpriced. Needs to be under 100

    1. Agreed, the entire HTC One series should be given away free on contract.

  4. considering the one x is now only $100 there is no reason to buy this

  5. It is actually 129.00 at Target Mobile.

  6. Who cares. Bring on the beast ya’ll keep leaking about.

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