Poll: Are We Tired Of Angry Birds Yet?!


Angry Birds has been about the most successful game series for mobile. Everyone has played it. I am guilty of spending many hours flinging birds, myself. There are holiday versions, the regular game, the space iteration, and more. We have all gotten to know these birds very closely, but just when is it enough?

It is very hard to succeed in the gaming industry, and even the all-time giants are having trouble keeping game series successful after a long period of time (e.g. Final Fantasy). In the mobile world, the flow moves at a much quicker pace. Updates come more often, multiple sequels are released a year and even the phones get old in less than a year. As such, a game’s life is also much shorter. Could it be that the popular game, Angry Birds, has finally reached its end-of-life?

As I sit here learning about the new Angry Birds Space: Red Planet update that is to come in the Fall, I find myself much less excited than I used to be. After a minute I even said to myself: “Another one?”. Not to say that the game is not good for those quick bus trips or while waiting in line at the DMV. But a game like Angry Birds, while it can offer some variety, is very linear and repetitive. You throw birds at pigs and obstacles; that is it.

Personally, this franchise is starting to become rather stale. And it seems android fans over the web are starting to get tired of Angry Birds, as well. Mot as many users comment on Angry Birds articles (and that applies to other sites, as well), and such posts generally drive much less page views than ever. I have also seen much less people playing Angry Birds in “the wild.”

Who knows. Maybe it is time to let this one go, Rovio. Or at least make some major changes to it. But before reaching any conclusions, I would like to take into account the fact that I may simply be crazy. So we decided to throw this little poll at you and see what everyone else thinks. Are you done saving eggs, or do you have some more flinging to do?

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Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Now is when you ask? Lol, I’ve been bored of it. For months, i guess too repetitive.

  2. I still like mario once in a while. Same thing here. No reason to have just one game …

  3. How many others like myself have actually managed to NEVER play it? :-)

    1. I’ve never played it, either. But, that’s never kept me from reading about it. And, didn’t I read that Rovio was producing some role reversal type of version?

  4. Not obsessed over it, but I keep it on all my devices and it still entertains me when I need to kill time at an airport. But I only play it when I’m waiting somewhere for something.

  5. Poll: Slow news day? Lol. Slow news is better than no news.

    1. LOL. I like having polls over the weekend. Helps keep things moving.

    2. Sometimes its fun to engage in conversation with our readers. Hope we’re not the only ones that feel this way…. :c

  6. It seems just when your trucking along towards the end of the game something always happens to make you lose the saved game file.
    That said as long as they’re free add on levels and not wanting me to pay for a entirely new game I’ll take it! I

    1. Use a backup program like Angry Birds Backup:
      Backs your games up to an SD card or dropbox account.

      I run a backup after playing and restore on the device I’m using and it keeps my AB games synced.
      Works great on all my devices except the Nexus 7 for some reason. Maybe JB compatibility issue?

  7. Most over rated game since call of duty. I unistall angry birds from my atrix phone n my walman z.i

  8. yea shooting birds at pigs got boring within the first 10 minutes of playing it

  9. When you have plushie toys,shirts and gummies based on your mobile game and making a bunch of money off it, its probably hard to stop.

    1. Yeah, they are making mad money out of it still. But think about it… why does Square Enix not want to release a FFVII re-make? Among other reasons, a product loses its touch if you overdo it.

      1. not much touch to lose when the original wasn’t very good to begin with!

        1. Blasphemer! O_o

  10. I got bored and stopped playing over a year ago. It was fun for the first few months when it came to Android.

    I’m over it.

  11. Just went to OCMD on Vacation, while I am sure the same happens lots of other places too, pretty much every crappy t-shirt shop had a crap load of angry birds stuff. It was pretty absurd.

  12. I tend to not want to pay for the game so I end up playing the same levels over and over and over.

  13. lol… somebody mentioned that a forum I started a few days ago “Is Angry Birds Dead?” on this site may be the reason for this article. As for me I only play the game on Google Chrome.

  14. I’m still enjoying the franchise quite a bit.

  15. I’ve been tired of angry birds for like 6 months

  16. My interest already ran out by the time they released Space.

  17. only still interested in AB space….. :P

  18. This game is endless; not that you can keep playing it but because if new stages keep coming you would want to conquer them. Rovio;s challenge would be ‘can we keep making DIFFERENT stages

  19. Hate them now but I still like angry birds space.

  20. Im sick of the apps, sick of the toys, and the god damn clothes.

  21. I got tired of it back when the first one was out.. Especially after I had to factory reset my OG Evo.. It was a wrap after that..

    1. I did download the Space one recently tho.. Just to see what all the fuss is about.. It’s okay..

  22. My buddies two kids still play the crap out of it. He actually has two OG Droids that he setup accounts for them on to use as Angry Birds devices so they quit asking for his and his wifes phones to play on. Another reason Android rocks. Even old phones without any service on them can become pretty decent multi-media consumption devices.

  23. Been bored with it when it came out. Damn mainstream.

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