Samsung Galaxy Pocket coming to Three UK in September


Three UK will be getting Samsung’s latest entry-level Galaxy phone this September, one featuring a 2.8-inch display and compact form factor. The Samsung Galaxy Pocket does its name justice in those respects, and sports an 823MHz processor and 2MP camera in the process. Full release details have no been revealed, but I am willing to bet this one will be plenty affordable and likely free when coupled with a service plan. Three UK is taking registrations from interested parties, so if this is the tiny phone you’ve been looking for head over to their landing page and sign on up.

[via Three UK]

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  1. I swear if this comes out with Ice Cream Sandwich I’m going to laugh at HTC for saying the Desire HD isn’t capable of having it

  2. I agree big! It’ll make htc look like it.ain’t capable or a bunch of liars!

  3. I saw it at a local MetroPCS and it will be 48 dollars without contract sporting android 2.3.X depending on your area or the updates/version it comes with. Its great but not LTE capable and camera is low quality but gaming isn’t bad

  4. welcome to the tinyurl.com/cyk9xz2

  5. Well Samsung might be in deeper water than HTC if this comes with ics. They said the original galaxy s with a 1ghz processor. Couldn’t handle ics.

  6. I own this…and its something i would consider one of my best buys…super responsive touch screen,a res which is higher than the galaxy y,3 GB internal memory(ICS ;)) and an ARM 11 processor which runs smoothly…i would recommend it to anyone on a budget… :)

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