More reports of Ice Cream Sandwich now rolling out to Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch


Yesterday we got word that Sprint’s Galaxy S2 variant, the Samsung Epic 4G touch, was receiving its update to Ice Cream Sandwich. After a few more reports we can confirm that the new software is indeed rolling out. The update to Android 4.0.4 brings the Epic 4G Touch’s software version to IMM761.FF18 and includes the various tweaks you might expect from the fresher OS, including such favorites as improved multitasking. To all the Epic 4G Touch owners in the room: have you received your taste of Ice Cream Sandwich yet? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Haven’t received mine yet, my girlfriend got hers at 1130 yesterday morning. Super jealous. I keep checking every 15 minutes.

  2. my wife got hers a few weeks ago. her phone is now a $200 paper weight. I haven’t got mine yet and I probably won’t update mine until they get it more stable.

    1. Above post intended for you my friend

      1. Alright, thanks. I was concerned because I put an ICS ROM on my buddies phone. Before he tries a stock ICS update I will just Odin back to stock then do the update and see how it goes. Thanks for update.

    2. Was her phone rooted and ROM’d before you updated?

  3. Did she try a factory reset? My girls was super glitchy, battery drain, ran too hot, What not. I factory reset it and all was Well again. Just make sure all is backed up and What have you.

    1. Not Yet, That is the next step. I was hoping that the ota ics would be suspended until the code problem was solved, but it appears its the same level as before. If the reset works, I will give it a try once I finally get it.

  4. Yep. that was what I was told by a few tech friends. The wife isn’t too happy about having to reset her phone and redo all her apps, setup, etc.. Was hoping they had suspended ota ics until a code fix had been done, but looks like it’s the same level. If all goes well with reset, I will do it as soon as I get it.

    1. Good luck man, I hope it works as Well for your wife and yourself as it did for my girlfriend.

  5. Took sprint long enough. Just happy I’ve had the pleasure of running ICS on my Epic Touch since March. When carriers got you down…Root :)

  6. Love it I’ve had to LG phones before this at least Samsung updates their phones to newer versions LG sucks. After 6 months with this phone ill never go back to another manufacturer.

  7. I’ve had mine since the beginning ofJuly, no root but just a simple push of the software and a lil computer use i couldn’t wait anymore! I’m glad the rest of the them will finally get it. Sad to say but there are bugs that still need to be ironed out.

  8. Lg doesnt update their phone at all. the only phone that ever got update was optimus one and lg g2x from froyo to ginger. Beside those two they dont update ppl and bring excuse why.

  9. Been running SBrissens Jellybean source AOSP Rom for 3 days now and it obliterates ICS in every facet of the prior OS. Why must Carriers fail so? Praise be to Google Skynet’s open source and our amazing Android devs.

  10. I havent received mine. Still waiting:(

  11. I received my ICS update OTA last night. Phone doesn’t seem to have major glitches (my wifi dropped out at one point – but could have been my router), however the performance is noticeably slower when switching between apps, some popups, etc. Sort of seems under-powered now. Didn’t factory reset yet, but may if it keeps bothering me.

  12. http://community.sprint.com/ba… This should help you all out, Please pull the battery out for 5 mins and then hold the volume up + power button until you come to a screen you are unfamiliar with and select clear system partion cache. This should resolve your issues if you downloaded the new ics update that was released yesterday for our epic 4g touch.
    Also to all users who have not received the new update notification for the ICS*fix that was released on 7/31/12 you should pull the battery out of your device and you should see the notification for the new ICS.

  13. welcome to the tinyurl.com/cyk9xz2

  14. My husband and I got our phones the same day 2 weeks ago. I have the white S2 and he has the black one. The update came to my phone before day break yesterday morning and he still hasn’t gotten his, so he’s super jealous. I soooooo love the new face recognition mechanism to unlock my phone. Thanks, Sprint!!!

  15. Updated to ICS and almost all apps are fine, however even after factory reset & having to reinstall apps, battery drops like a rock! Drain seems worse w/ Wifi on than 3G. Hope they fix battery issue soon or I will have to go to Sprint store & make them out GB back on it.

  16. Just got my update! Doesn’t seem to be a big difference. It does consume the battery quite a bit faster.

  17. Mine came last night, beautiful but kinda sluggish sonetimes

  18. Beautiful but somewhat sluggish now and battery life has diminished

  19. I haven’t received it yet. Does anyone know when those in North America with the Epic 4G TOUCH are going to receive ICS?

  20. Updated to ICS. There are all kinds of problems, nothing works, no connection can’t call, text email, nothing. Currently looking for a way to go back to gingerbread.


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