Gmail Updated With Better 7-Inch Tablet Support, Performance Improvements, and Labels API for Devs


If you have a Nexus 7, now might be a good time to jump into your Play Store app and update Gmail. Google just updated “the application that time forgot,” and aside from the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, there is now better support for those of you with 7-inch tablets — as long as you’re running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. Also mentioned was the new Labels API for developers to take advantage of in 3rd-party applications. But seriously, what’s a girl gotta do to finally get some pinch-to-zoom in my emails?

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Everytime I read about the Nexus 7 I’m baffled by the fact there is no MHL support. I want one, but I just can’t buy it because of that.

    1. It’s an odd move that they left it out, for sure. I know people will say to keep costs down and whatnot but that’s kind of a biggie =/

      1. Is MHL the one for hooking usb devices like thumbdrives to the tablet or is it the video out one?

        1. audio/video out

          1. Thanks guys couldnt remember which one it was.

  2. yet still no pinch to zoom on the SGS-II…

  3. I love the way the Gmail icon looks

  4. Not compatible with my device message. I’m using a nexus 7. I’m rooted and using the dpi hack but that shouldn’t affect me from downloading gmail should it? My Verizon Galaxy Nexus which is rooted too and running jelly bean was able to install it.

    Update: dpi change does affect the market.

  5. Now I just hope that they fixed the app crashing on the Transformer Infinity!

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