Watch Freddie Wong’s Action Short Recorded Entirely Using The Galaxy S3 [Video]


If you’ve never come across his work, Freddie Wong is a veteran YouTube director/special effects coordinator and producer of some of the most hilarious, and well put together action flicks, this side of Hollywood.

Recently, T-Mobile gave him the Samsung Galaxy S3 and asked Wong shoot a quick action short using nothing but the GS3 and its impressive 8MP camera. Inspired by Kung Fu Hustle, Wong put together a quick action sequence in a short film he calls Sandcastle Sensei. Stick around after for a behind the scenes video, showing how Freddie put the whole scene together using a small budget, and consumer-level software.



Chris Chavez
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  1. Always loved his videos. The galaxy s3 camera is amazing.

  2. EPIC!

    1. no…it’s a samsung galaxy s3! LOL!

  3. That escalated quickly

  4. then apple sued

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