Jul 31st, 2012

As it stands, there are very few options when it comes to outfitting your Nexus 7 in official accessories. Yes, you can find 3rd party cases on Amazon, but if you’re looking for something a little more official, the only real option has been the official Nexus 7 hard case over on the Play Store.

Today, the folks over at Nordic Hardware got a hold of a few leaked slides, showing a handful of official ASUS accessories including a dock, travel case, and premium cover. The colorful TPU cases we’ve actually seen before, but now we know the price, at around 20 and launching sometime around July 16th.

ASUS will also also have a premium cover for the Nexus 7 priced at $40, featuring premium materials, and launching around August 31st. Finally, there’s the official Nexus 7 dock from ASUS, which will finally take advantage of the 3-pin connector, holding the device snugly in landscape mode, priced at $50 and launching late August as well.

What do you guys think? You guys have your heart set on any of these? Or do some of the 3rd party options seem like a better fit for your Nexus 7 and your wallet?

[NordicHardware | Via Droid-Life]

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