Of $12.4 billion Motorola acquisition cost, Google paid $5.5 billion for patents


Google has shed some light on exactly how they came to value the acquisition of Motorola Mobility at $12.4 billion, and, as initial speculation surrounding the deal initially suggested, the largest sum went towards patents and developed technologies. Nearly half of the total cost was assigned to acquiring Motorola’s intellectual property, a total of $5.5 billion. The rest of the $12.4 billion was broken down to $2.9 billion for cash acquired, $730 million for customer relationships, $670 million for net assets, and $2.6 billion as a gesture of goodwill, which relates to “the synergies expected to arise after the acquisition.”

[WSJ via PandoDaily]

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  1. license ones to android partners that make the most sense to share. This is the only way to kill the dbags at Apple. Share patents without the fear of licensing fees (see Microsoft).

  2. $2.6 billion. At last, we know the value of good will!

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