HTC Era 42 rumors could point to One X+ for T-Mobile


The rumored HTC Era 42 seemed like the perfect candidate to fall in line as the next member of T-Mobile’s G series of phones, but new evidence suggests the device will not be the successor of the G1 and G2, after all. The folks at TMoNews have been able to link the Era 42 to another rumored handset, the HTC One X+, which by all indications would coincide with a processor upgrade to NVIDIA’s Tegra 3+ chipset.

Likewise, rumors of an upgraded processor match up with a mystery HTC phone revealed in benchmarks earlier this month to carry a 1.7GHz quad-core processor. Other specs of that device, such as 720p HD display, suggest it is likely based around the current One X design, drawing further speculation that T-Mobile will soon receive a new version of the flagship device to join the already available One S. As the 42 in the Era 42 codename suggests, the phone would likely have access to T-Mobile’s 42Mbps HSPA+ network.

A leaked roadmap positioned the Era 42 for a late September launch. We’re not completely discounting the chance that T-Mobile may in some way brand this as a G phone (HTC G1 X?), and other rumors have suggested that it could launch with a stock version of Android installed. Given our already high praise of the One X, additional power and a stock OS can only make things better.

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  1. The benchmark that was posted seemed to be an AT&T phone, which would frustrate current One X owners (including myself)

  2. I would almost consider this except knowing that LTE Is coming next year and even though this is rumored to be stock android, it is still coming through a carrier…. see the Verizon GNex. Nope, I’ll save my upgrade for a LTE handset and buy Nexus devices straight out to tide me over until said LTE handset appears and is usable in my area. (KC supposedly only has the 21 system anyway so a 42 handset is a bit overkill here.)

    1. HSPA 42 is as fast or faster than Verizon and AT&T’s LTE, so it’s not like you gain anything by waiting for LTE.

      1. Two things:

        A) Guess you missed the part where I said KC seems to only have 21 and not 42. Frankly, most of the time, I don’t even see a benefit in having a 21 phone over my old N1 or G1 in terms of data speeds.

        B) Tmo’s LTE isn’t supposed to be the same as Verizon’s and AT&T’s. So I’d rather wait out with what I currently have which is maxing out the network available to me and see what exactly Tmo’s LTE has in store for us.

  3. I wish when you first booted up your new htc phone you had the option to install stock or Sense, then everyone would be happy. I myself am perfectly fine with Sense.

  4. Still wish it had a removable battery. That kills it for me right there.

    1. I really dont know why people care about stuff like ‘removable batter’ if the battery life is good

      1. Yeah I’m with you, but I can see the problem if one constantly changes ROMs frequently. Having the removable battery can help a lot with that… But my Evo LTE has awesome battery life even with LTE in Houston so I don’t complain.

      2. Uh how about swapping batteries on the fly.

  5. HTC One XX

  6. Htc needs a stock android phone.

  7. I’m praying for a G3! HTC makes some of the best hardware around but they bog them down with $^%&** HTC Sense. To me, HTC has made exactly three really good phones: G1, Nexus One, G2. I don’t mean to bash their other phones but I like stock Android and I haaaaaaaaaate having to root; it was fun when I had my G1 but now its more like a chore for updates.

  8. New hotness. Makes the S3 look old!

  9. At least have an memory expansion slot

  10. Please have 2 GB of ram and an SD card. I’ll forgive a non-removable battery if it has those two things…

    1. to kill the battery faster?

  11. It is ‘almost’ confirmed as the One X+ and will arrive on T-Mobile in September (thank you Butter619)

    1. That article you linked to uses the same source as this article. “Confirmed” should be used loosely until it is carrier confirmed.

  12. If this X+ has HSPA+42 and a microSD slot, it’ll be a very close call between it and the next Nexus phone, which will certainly have neither. That and HTC’s superior looks (vs Samsung’s extremely boring, Apple-inspired “design”). But a G-phone is still not a Nexus, so once again I’ll likely be an extremely reluctant Samsung purchaser. Unless Google’s success with the ASUS Nexus 7 means maybe an alternative to Samsung has been found.

  13. Finally a worthy successor to my G2X! YES! If rumors are true and it comes in September I am all over that like white on rice!

  14. If it doesn’t have a removable battery and expandable microSD slot, then unfortunately this is another HTC One X phone I will have to pass on.

    1. On behalf of HTC: thanks.

  15. I just got my GSIII and this news comes out???

  16. Dang, just when i got the S3 too, but there’s always going to be something new i guess

  17. Hope it has 32gb on board storage considering there will not be an expansion slot…

  18. HTC ONEx + is a horrible horrible name. HTC G1 X is a horrible name…call it the HTC G3 and be done with it.

    1. I agree but the mainstream consumer is dumb. They’ll go “Oh this phone is only a G3… I wanted a 4G phone?”

  19. Can VZW just PLEASE get a flagship htc phone all damn ready?

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