Apple wins EU-wide ban on Galaxy Tab 7.7


Apple’s just gotten another major victory over Samsung in the European Union. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 ha been banned in the European Union. This preliminary injunction prohibits Samsung from shipping any more of the units in that region, and we couldn’t be more confused.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N, a modification of the original to avoid an injunction on the original, was allowed to go on sale after an appeal by Samsung. A judge saw that the new tablet did not infringe on any of Apple’s patents.

There’s no information on why, exactly, Apple was granted this particular victory. It has to be some extremely strong patent for the German Dusseldorf appeals court to shut Samsung’s tablet out of the entire European Union.

It wasn’t made clear whether or not this was the same thing that caused the initial ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but even that wasn’t hit so hard. We’ll be on the lookout for more details. In the meantime be sure to keep any cursing of Apple’s name respectable in the comments section below.

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  1. The Rotten Fruit is the new name that shall not be mentioned. Curse them and their vile lawyers…

  2. _._

  3. I step forward 2 steps back for Apple, they ban the 7.7 Galaxy Tab just after the Nexus 7 launch. Who is going to buy the 7.7 gtab @ £350 when you can get the nexus 7 at £159 ??

    1. I don’t think that was the point…

    2. I would buy the 7.7 gtab for the back facing camera.

    3. anyone who wants cellular data on a 7″ tab.

  4. The 7.7 was banned.
    The 10.1n passed and it’s case was thrown out.
    This article is very confusing, mixing up the 2 different tabs.

    1. That (the confusion) is the entire point of the article. IOW, it doesn’t make any sense that the 10.1n was allowed back on the shelves while the 7.7 has now been hit with an über ban-hammer.

  5. Nothing to say but…

    1. I think it is more like…

      1. Only because they…

  6. So, remake as Galaxy Tab ][ 7.8

    Heh … Hey, I am trying …

  7. WTF

  8. The ban was due to the fact that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is so similar to the iPad, that it could be confused with the iPad. Hmm… I guess size really doesn’t matter then. Apple, you can try to continue the “thermonuclear war” all you want. The only problem is, Android has (and is still building) bigger, badder nukes.

    1. I’m sorry, but that CANNOT be the reason. There is too much of a difference in size to know that’s not an iPad. I’m sorry, but no. I’m not going to believe that. I refuse to believe a judge allowed THAT to win a case.

      1. I a German court, I totally believe it

  9. Of course, can’t have that competing with the upcoming iPad Mini. /s

  10. its been banned because its a clone of the iPad 7″. wait…….wut?

    1. It’s a “pre-clone” since Apple will debut a smaller iPad later this year >.<

      1. But apple has patent for 7” :D

      2. Because that makes sense.

  11. Tab 7.7n is on the doors

  12. For your information, some euronazi german judge has nothing to say in, for example, MY country The Netherlands. What do you think? What happens when a judge in the UK says the device is just OK for the EU? Third world war? Forget about the EU, it´s finished.

    1. Technically the Third World War was the Cold War.

      1. I never saw that war declared, so technically, no it wasn’t. (And yes, neither was any conflict the US has been in since WWII)

        1. Twas a de-facto state of war.

          And no, the others were not world wars….but they were still wars. Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf Wars, etc. were all wars and if you disagree, I suggest you go speak to a veteran that served in them. And if you are not from the US, shut your trap. The US has done all the work while the rest of the EU’s Armies sat back and drank tea.

          1. Yes those are wars (and no not world wars and neither was the cold war) but the rest of your statement is inflammatory, ignorant, downright false and you do your country and its servicemen a disservice with your arrogance.

          2. You don’t know the first thing about serving your country.

    2. Presumably he does. A German judge isn’t going to make pan-EU judgements unless he’s got EU jurisdiction, i.e. the court was presumably an EU court rather than a German one.

  13. Kelly, why are you so easily confused? Might I suggest you become a judge.

  14. Apple stores = glass house. Lets cast some stones.

  15. More reason for the EU to dissolve and go away.

  16. Apple is just a bunch of biaatches!!!!

  17. #BadApple

  18. Hey, a million or so Euros tossed into a judge’s lap goes a long way… Just saying… Not that Apple would EVER do something underhanded…

  19. Who would have thought the Australians would be the only sane people in the world right now?

    1. Well, we’re always joking that they are upside down… in this case, they’re right side up.

      1. Oh my gosh!! I so get what you’re doing there. ROTFLoL!!

  20. Please… how are you “confused” by the ban? Samsung copies Apple, Samsung gets banned. How difficult is that to comprehend? Would you like it written in crayon to better understand. Might make it easier for everyone else here to understand too if they continue to sing the “patent the rectangle” song.

    Ultimately , this is good for the consumer. It will force Samsung from this point forward – and any other clowns considering pulling the same stunt – to actually create their own designs instead of using Apple’s R&D department.

    1. trolololol

    2. Apples R&D department while “creating the iPhone”

      It has a GUI, patent it.
      It’s a rectangle, patent it.
      It’s mobile, patent it.
      Can we patent black? Probably!! Patent it.

      Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

      1. Hey!! I learned about all that in my 1st grade class!! =.D

    3. Apple no longer has an R&D department, only a legal department. It’s all that they need! Those who can’t innovate, litigate!

    4. You spelled your screen name wrong… “In Denial” is the correct spelling :p

      1. Lack Toast In Tolerant

        1. lol.

    5. How does it make you feel to know that Samsung is one of the companies Apple can’t afford to outright purchase? Samsung is practically their own country. (Most of the exports of South Korea). Samsung is big. They are here to stay.

    6. please explain to me how samsung “copied” a product that apple doesn’t even produce? half of the issue with the note 10.1 was the fact that it looked like the ipad(and that was arguable), the dimensions of this device are completely, and by your logic only apple should be able to produce anything in a tablet form factor. Troll somewhere else please

    7. So the Galaxy 7′ tab looks lyk an iPad? It doesn’t look lyk an iPad to me. I will admit, the Galaxy S1 resembled an iPhone, but I don’t see iPad when I see the 7′. Sorry.

    8. Watch this and tell me that Apple was the first with a tablet

      at 1:27, is that an iPad mini?!?

      go on, watch it… I dare you….

  21. So “somehow” the 7.7 is banned without a particular patent eh? I smell a hefty bribe.

  22. Wow………waiting on Samsung to pull all of the stuff that apple buys from them and see how far apple gets on a brick that dose nothing no calls no data no nothin

  23. So apple users are so stupid, that they don’t recognize iPad and buy Tab or … :D

    1. ROTFLoL!! Oh my gosh!! BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!! I can’t stop laughing. =.P

  24. I can’t help but think that as companies, Apple and Samsung don’t like each other!

  25. The judge knows he/she den fuhked up and don’t wanna say what the reason was. The judge probably allowed something so tedious and stupid to past, and after seeing all these later patents, is too ashamed to tell. Hmph!!

  26. I know for a fact apple is trying to bankrupt Samsung to in the end pirchase everything samsung owns in the future… Before Samsung sees that they should really cut off Apple n join with google completly. The executives at Samsung has gotten too greedy and wanting their parts in every machine. Apple is pretty much gettinh their phones built for free with these lawsuits. I’ll be forever on Samsung n Googles side!

  27. Transformer Prime and iPad 2.

    All of Apple’s “copying my design” arguments are dumb and are strictly aimed at destroying Android. There is nothing you can say about this. Go on, bring up something else completely irrelevant to this current argument since you know you lost this one.

    I guess you need to go back to law school. Can’t win Apple’s law cases lyk that.

  28. Wow… I just don’t know where to begin. Have you at any point looked into the specific patents that Android is being accused of violating ie. Slide to unlock or Universal search? Have you at any time owned or operated an android device for more than a fleeting moment and compared it to an iPhone? The legal troubles of a Korean CEO aside Apple has been suing almost all android device manufacturers. Are they all merely copy cats? The touch screen phone has been around long before the iphone in fact Samsung was one of the pioneers of that technology along with Lg. You know what depresses me is folks such as your self who seem to have this idea in their head (due to magnificent marketing on Apples part) that Apple invented the smart phone and totally ignore the decade prior when names like Nokia, lg and samsung reigned supreme but oh those are foreign companies their innovations don’t count right? Look at the Lg Prada or the Samsung F700 and pretend those never existed ok.

    1. Sorry, the level of trolling and misinformation in the post you responded to was just too much to bear.

  29. Apple isn’t doing this to protect IP common sense will scream that at you once you look at the patents they are suing over, along with their declining Market Share. They are merely doing their absolute best to get rid of a group of competitors that their one trick pony seems to slowly be falling underneath the combined weight of. This is Apple competing through the courts using tax dollars because on the market as we all know consumers are the only judges and the better product wins. The numbers don’t lie

  30. Am i the only one who thinks that this whole patenting system is flawed ?

  31. Apple seems to have run out of ideas and have finally resorted to going after other competitors who actually have great products. This attitude of Apple would have a terrible backlash and they would surely end up losing respect in the eyes of consumers. Sore losers – thats what they are right now!

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