Apple cites Samsung for $2.5 billion in damages over alleged patent infringements


Just how much does Apple believe it has lost to Samsung’s range of devices that allegedly copy wholesale elements of the iPhone and iPad’s interface and design? A whopping $2.5 billion, breaking down to over $30 per device sold claimed to have infringed on Apple patents. This accounts for 13 smartphone and tablet models, which the Cupertino-based company says “not only look like Apple’s iPhone and iPad, they use Apple’s patented software features to interact with the user.”

The number takes into account “unjust” profits on Samsung’s end as well as $500 million in lost profits for Apple, and is derived from three software patents and and design patents. Per patent fees break down to $2.02 for an “overscroll bounce” patent, $3.10 for “scrolling API,” $2.02 for “tap to zoom and navigate,” and the largest at $24 for patents relating to hardware design and dress.

To add insult to injury, Apple is requesting to have per-device royalties owed to Samsung reduced from 2.4 percent to just a hair under half a cent per unit. Their claim is that the royalty should only be assessed based on the cost of the $10 baseband chip involved in Samsung’s wireless patents. Samsung sees this claim as ridiculous, pointing out that without the use of Samsung’s wireless technology there might be no iPhone at all.

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  1. It is true the rich just get richer and not necessarily by hard work. Just taking from others. At this point don’t care if they gave me a iPhone 5 won’t take it and love my Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus. By the way best thing about my previous iPhone 4s sold it for more than gave.

  2. You pay us more, we pay you less. While we’re at it, every idiot in the world will believe we are right. Really though, were just a bunch of idiots that can dish out all of these patent claims and get away with stealing other people’s ideas.

    Fuckin Apple.

  3. Hey Apple, I see you requesting 2.5B so here’s 2Bs to get you started and by “Bs” I mean two high flying birds.

    1. Lol that just made me think of an Angrybirds game aimed at apple.

      1. Ha ha! Take the same game play, but replace the birds with Androids and the pigs with apples. Call it: AngryDroids. If only I could develop software…..

        1. :) lol any developers on this page right now feel free to use this idea. Dont worry we are not Apple we wont sue you.

          1. Just make sure to give a shout out to the little people ;-)

          2. I’d do it but I’m scared Rovio might get mad. =(

          3. Why? Did rovio patent worms like gameplay? Or they coulda patented the word angry too i suppose.

        2. Really like that idea nice work @google-3fa4b1b03ac57d604679bcf5ed564966:disqus

  4. God Apple need to back off now but they wont and i reckon they will aim next at the Nexus 7 (Love this tablet) at some point just cause it is selling so well and will be a threat to their rumoured ipad mini crap. The cheek of it is that they will just use most of the 2.5 billon they are requesting just to sue Samsung and other major Android partners rather then think of something new instead of the same old crap they release each year.

  5. I Hate You Apple!!!

  6. If it weren’t for Samsung, there would be no iphone or ipad. Apple buys parts from Samsung to build the iphone and ipad.

  7. Keep selling them phone components, Samsung.

    Maybe this will wake them up to who is really in charge of the situation.

    1. Or Samsung can stop giving them parts entirely, and see how far Apple will go on their own. This is a declaration of war.

      1. They will just start buying parts from another company like LG. I hate to see that IO live in a world where one company can bully as many others as it wants just with money. Doesn’t seem like a democracy anymore.

      2. In 2011 Samsung received nearly $8 billion in revenue from Apple purchases alone. That’s about 40% of the revenue that all of Samsung Telecommunications brought it. I don’t think Samsung Electronics would do that.

        1. That 2.4 percent is dropping to about 0.49 percent (estimating from the article). So Samsung will get substantially LESS royalties even after supplying a majority of parts. Yeah, it’s time to move on lol.

          1. That 8 billion is hardware supplied, not royalties.

  8. So they’re suing Samsung because people bought Samsung smartphones over the iPhone, basically. People buy the Galaxy S III because they’re better than the iPhone not because they look alike.

  9. LOOOOLLLL! Apple just did the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. You ever heard the phrase, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”? Well up until now, Apple has been nibbling at it and now they’ve crossed that line. Say goodbye to having Samsung as even a parts partner and the entire Republic of Korea is your enemy now.

  10. Judging by all the rumors, iPhone 5 should look a lot like the Galaxy Note

    1. yup and then Apple stole the S3 design from them and sue again…

  11. Apple, its not like some one “accidentally” bought a sammy instead of some iCrap. The bought it because it was better. Innovate, don’t stagnate. Then people (not just iSheep) might buy your stuff again.

  12. Lets hope the Jury consists of some tech savvy people that understand that competition fuels innovation and understands how ridiculous this entire thing is. If Apple was the only cell phone maker, we would still be looking at the iPhone 1 as being state-of-the-art. The battle to make a better phone has created some amazing technology that both sides have used in their phones.

    The patent system is broken and is being abused by Apple. We need patent reform!

  13. There are lots of quality places to get sucked off other than Apple

    1. true but F that the gon learn today

  14. “unjust profits”? wtf? All businesses overcharge for products for starters. How does Apple think of this stuff?

  15. Apple is pure comedy. Got my laugh for the day.

  16. Google needs to go after iphone and get money for the notifications pull down. Go on the offensive.

  17. Hopefully the result will turn out to be just like ORACLE vs. GOOGLE (Android) case

  18. Apple is running out of money, so they need to steal some to get more money. Hmph!!

  19. Samsung is a South Korean Mafia who’s CEO has been jailed repeatedly but quickly bailed out due to Samsung’s deep political ties. To substitute their inability to innovate   at the same level of originality as a company like Apple, they have developed a sustained culture at copying American innovation and have profited tremedously from it. Samsung’s many Galaxy products have very directly, blatantly, and most seriously, illegally stolen legitimate intellectual property and trade dress from Apple Inc. Samsung, being an enormous monopoly (they make ships and cars in South Korea) operates with the attitude that they can break international patent law because they are too big to be stopped. Apple has defined themselves by creating unique and legitimately original industry disrupting technology with the iPhone and iPad, which took them years and billions of dollars to develop. Samsung has come in and literally stolen Apple’s original IP and then called it their own. Apple has, for the first time in Samsung’s history, decided aggressively challenge them. I for one think it’s about time. With that in mind, I find the level of naïveté exhibited by the Android fans in this comment board depressing. I understand how tech nerds can be duped by Google’s “open” nonsense, but cheering on a South Korean mafia over an American innovator just shows how misguided and gullible Android fans have become.

    1. Apple been stealing and copying for years. Check out the LG Prada, developed almoost a year before the iphone debuted. Apple didn’t originate anything in the iphone. Apple took others innovations and tied them together: multi-touch screens, search function, capacitive screens, shape, icons, etc etc were all created outside Apple. Do a history check. I buy samsung products because I like them. I don’t buy Apple because I don’t like being hamstrung. You don’t want options, that shouldn’t be my problem. People that buy Android does so because Apple don’t offer what they want, period. Apple is a hypocrite company. Apple can’t compete, Android is winning because they give the people what they want. Its that simple.

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