2012 London Olympics Limited Edition of the Galaxy S3 launches in Taiwan


Taiwanese residents are set to get one of the more interesting Samsung Galaxy S3 packages currently available. Samsung has released a special edition of the device to commemorate the 2012 Olympics set to take place in London. The package contains three smartphone standards with figurines of Olympic cyclists, weightlifters, and a Tae Kwon Do practitioner.

The device itself features a back plate with a stunning British flag design, and another back plate with a silhouette of a royal British guard. Finally, an accessory for the 3.5mm headset jack features a royal British soldier, though it has no other functionality aside from looking nice.

It’s a very interesting package, for sure, and I wouldn’t mind having it for the two custom back plate alone. Get more photos of the device over at ePrice. [via PocketDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I didn’t read the article but the title sounds stupid. People competing in the special olympics should have an iPhone, it’s simpler.

    1. I read the title wrong as well ha

    2. That’s just wrong… We all know even people with special needs deserve better than that. Giving them that phone is like a flat out verbal insult!

  2. I must admit the editor needs to change the title of this article, I was scratching my head at what features this phone would have different for special needs.

  3. “Special Olympics Version” really? You couldn’t have worded the title better? :P

    1. I read that wondering if I was going to find a Big Bird phone instead of a smartphone!


  4. Those girls must be tiny!!!! Look how big the phone is in their hands!

    1. Imagine how big your, wait I can’t say that lol.

  5. haha, brilliant headline.

  6. Looks like a normal case…

  7. The phone looks bigger than their heads!

  8. I want

    1. The girls or the phone. maybe both ;)

  9. Cool but ill pass on those colors

  10. I knew as soon as I saw the words “special” and “olympics” in close succession in the same sentence, crap was about to go down.

  11. the one with the flag is cool the one with the guard looks silly because where the hat hits the forehead it should be more straight, it looks more like an afro on someone that’s balding with that curved line.

  12. Special Olympics LOL


  14. I totally read that as a Special Olympics version, not a special Olympics version of the S III.

  15. I was thinking voice navigation would be fun on this edition.

  16. Yeah….limited edition Olympics would have been a better title. However, I also have a sense of humor and probably would have put Special as well.

  17. I feel like the words Limited Edition would have worked out better.

  18. Oh dear god, what have I done? Sorry about that. Should have been more clear.

    1. I was in the “Special Olympics” camp, as well. Kudos for changing it.

  19. Those girls need boob implants like there’s no tomorrow !

    1. Personally, I would take either of those girls (especially the one on the left) AS IS!

      1. Especially if they come with those phones!

  20. when it will launch in Malaysia?

  21. Pretty cool, shame and strange it’s not available in London, would probably push me into going for the S3.

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