Dead Trigger to get a huge new update soon [VIDEO]


Dead Trigger has been out for a relatively short time on the Google Play Store and it is already in line for a brand new update. MadFinger games threw everything at us with this update (yep, that’s even including the kitchen sink). New zombies, new weapons (chainsaw!), new areas to visit (the money-hole AKA a casino) and more will all be featured in the massive update.

The update will also add support for the Adreno 205 GPU for older Snapdragon phones. MadFinger made special mention of the Xperia Play so we expect there to be full support for its controls once the update hits the Google Play Store. There’s no launch date just yet but we’re promised it’ll be here soon.

We’re also not sure if this update will require an in-app purchase to unlock all these cool new things but MadFinger didn’t say either way. Get your eyes over to the juicy trailer up above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. cool. Its a little laggy when I’m using platronics Bluetooth headphones. Hope they fix that too.

    1. Bluetooth headphone lag is normal and has nothing to do with this game.

  2. i love when companies make me feel like i made a good purchase. thanx madthumbs!

  3. Why did they make it a .99 game, then nickel and dime you in-game. I find that to be extremely bad business practice.

    “Here, I’d like to sell you this brand new sports car for $2500. It has 400hp, and its super fast! However, you’ll need to purchase the rims, wheels, gas tank, seats, and pretty much everything that’s normally in the interior of a car. It’ll add up to be around $35,000 when all said and done.”

    “Why don’t I just go buy the one for $35,000 that’s already complete?”

    “But… this one’s only $2500…”

    1. I was mad about the in the game purchases at first but I ended up being able to buy a lot of stuff and finish the game without having to play more money. I do wish in the update that the missions pay more money…

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