Jul 18th, 2012

Leave it to Sprint, to be “that guy” who, whenever a rival carrier receives bad press, swoops in and reminds you of just how awesome they are. Yesterday, the subject boo’s and hisses was AT&T, after a leaked developer build of iOS 6 revealed could soon begin charging their customers a “premium” fee for video chatting over a cellular connection. Not cool. A Sprint spokesperson took a minute today to remind AT&T customers and the press of their unlimited, unthrottled nationwide data saying,

“We are committed to our unlimited data and that means not charging for data consumption based on the application.”

This, all while AT&T is admittedly mulling over the idea of charging their iPhone customers for using FaceTime on a 3G/4G connection, a decision that should make Android users very wary. Of course, on the other side of the coin — a data network is only as good as its download speeds. Unlimited is great and all, but not when it’s barely a hair over your competitors throttled speeds. Let’s hope for a speedy LTE rollout.

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