ASUS Germany Confirms Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Coming To OG Transformer (TF101) and Eee Pad Slider


Ever since it was unveiled at Google I/O, the world has been clamoring for their chance to get ahold of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The reality of the situation is not everyone will be updated. Owners of the “OG” ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (TF101) and the ASUS Eee Pad Slider in particular were feeling left out in the cold after a miscommunication mishap resulted from an ill-informed ASUS Netherlands rep denied those devices would receive an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update.

Fast forward to today, where ASUS Germany is on damage control, letting fans on their Facebook know that those devices will, in fact, be updated to Jelly Bean, only at a later date. The (very) rough translation went a little something like this:

We need to deny this is clear. Colleagues from the Netherlands have made no statement about TF101/SL101, but merely confirmed that a Jelly Bean TF201/TF300/TF700 update be received. The converse, in that is not a TF101/SL101 JB update received are false and pure speculation. According to current knowledge, even users of older TF101/SL101 to benefit from a Android 4.1 update to come.

There you have it. So, not only hasn’t ASUS forgotten about you, but it looks like their track record remains as upstanding and solid as ever. You can sleep sound knowing that if you have an ASUS Eee Pad whatever, and it’s currently running Android — you can expect the J-Bean in your future.

[Facebook | Via PocketDroid]

Chris Chavez
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  1. She’s hot. What’s this article about again?

    1. Uhh the device shes holding I think *goes to reread the article again*

      1. Crap, I had no idea there was a device in her hand. Not even trying to be funny. Although it did take me about 20 minutes to read the article.

      2. The only thing she is holder is one of her legs……that’s about all I can see.

  2. OK asus, after seeing the pic, now i want more updates, please. Can’t wait for 4.2

  3. Does the girl come with the update? If so I really want the update

  4. I love Asus, and I love that my OG TF101 was one of the first devices to get ICS, but the update caused so many issues that they never fixed. I used to brag about how often Asus gave me updates, and I ended up having to use custom roms just to get a useable device. I still consider going back to Honeycomb.

    1. With the second to last update they fixed all the issues. Now it’s working in top shape once again

      1. Hm, I will have to give it a try after work. Thanks.

    2. Only the latest update really fixed things. The JB update should be less problematic than the ICS one.

  5. ASUS is simply the best manufacturer out there, hands down. And apparently their ads aren’t half bad either

    1. Dude, you said it! A lot of these manufacturers could learn a thing to 3 from Asus.

  6. So this girl has a tablet but still uses a telephone you have to dial?

    1. Yes, because a tablet is not a phone. ;)

  7. 2 things ASUS USA needs to confirm JB coming to US TF101, and that the girl pictured will be sitting on my bed when I get home tonight.

    Come on ASUS, you do amazing things, don’t let me down!

    1. I believe it will come to the TF101 on the US side. I have no doubts that ASUS will do the right thing.

  8. Thank you, Chris Chavez! Just…THANK YOU. :-)

  9. Really hoping this is true. Everyone who has put a version of 4.1 on their device says the optimization really shows. I hope it translates well to the dual core NVidia chip and I can feel like I can limp along until Google releases a 10″ nexus.

  10. Chris,
    Who cares about the content, just Keep posting hotties:)

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