Deal Alert: 75% Off XtremeGuard Screen and Full Body Protectors When You Buy 2 – Free Shipping [All Devices]


The boys at XtremeGuard are having a site-wide 75% off mega sale right now for those looking to protect their brand new Nexus 7’s, Galaxy S3’s or whatever device you currently have. All you have to do is place 2 or more items in your cart and enter the discount code: Xtreme75 and whammo! You get great protection at an affordable price. Oh, and shipping is free.

XtremeGuard screen and full body protectors are similar to the Zagg InvisibleShield. This means the application involves soapy water and a small squeegee. The full body protectors are sometimes a little too “gooey” feeling for my tastes, and I don’t particularly like the way a few of them have an “orange peel” finish. But once again, it’s hard to argue with that price.

Looks like the internets are going hog wild over this offer as XtremeGuard’s site barely functional. Just keep trying, I guess. I’ll try and make things a little easier on you and provide the link for the Nexus 7 for the lucky few that have already received their tabs from Google. Good luck! Anyone have any feedback with XtremeGuard’s screen protectors and full body protectors?

[XtremeGuard | Nexus 7 Protectors]

Chris Chavez
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  1. This is the best sale I have seen in a long time. I just got two Galaxy Nexus screen protectors shipped to me for a grand total of $2.50 USD. I almost feel bad.

    1. Me, too (but I feel pretty good!)

  2. Bought 4 screen protectors on a similar deal. A very good price for screen protectors. Only problem I had with them was the case i bought seemed push up the edges so i had to cut the second one down to fit better with the case. Not as “orangy peel” feeling as the last Zagg I had so that was a nice surprise. In for 4 full body protectors for my wifes and my gs3’s…always have to buy extra just in case when the deal is this good.

  3. Just got 4 for $5! W00T!

  4. good deal i just got 2 tablet ss and 4 phone ss for 11.25.

  5. Thanks for the heads up Mr. Chavez I greatly appreciate saving money =D and getting a nice screen protector for my NEXUS 7 =D

    1. Anytime, brother. Nothing I love better than sharing a good deal! :)

  6. Already got invisible shield full body on my gs3 because It’s so glossy.

    1. Do you like it? I’m led to believe that it changes the feel quite a bit.

  7. Got one for my moms phone And my dads for 2. 50!

  8. finally i found one for my nexus 7,thanks.

  9. Just bought 5 gnex protectors and 5 nex7 protectors… 15 bucks total… steal

  10. No atrix hd love!!!!!

  11. I got my ExtremeGuard off ebay for $2.00 Before the S3 came out.

  12. dead? I only see 50% off when added 2+ to my cart.

  13. Got 4 cases for my Galaxy Nexus for $5. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Got one for my moms phone And my dads for 2. 50!

  14. Nice find Chris, THX! :-D

  15. Anyone having a problem checking out? When I click on “Place Order” nothing happens. No waiting symbol, no processing note, nothing. If I click it again, it tells me I should refresh the page. I’ve tried three times now with two different cards.

  16. To SYGYZY:

    FWIW, I checked out w/no problems, using my phone’s stock browser, & PAY PAL. Perhaps try either/or both & hopefully you’ll have success, one way or another, before the sale is over. (Anyone know of a sale end-date for this offer?)

  17. I come back with findings after i installed it according to their instructions it went on good ,did find it had some hair like pieces of plastic so i had to remove it and redo the application again, then when its all done i power up the device and the touch screen is unresponsive couldnt even unlock the screen so i just took it off the nexus 7. Also i had bought 2 more for different phones which were the wrong lenght i did try to cut one but just ended up messing it up, I just threw it away.

  18. how do I use the sub charger to transfer music from my computer to my phone?

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