T-Mobile confirms the Galaxy Note will be headed to its shelves


T-Mobile has confirmed the longstanding rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note being bound for its store shelves. After months of rumors they broke the news via Twitter, and with 140 characters comes the unfortunate limitation of details: no date or pricing was given along with news that it’s coming.

Not even a generic “in the coming weeks” estimate. But it’s nice to know they’ll finally be getting the 5.3 inch device even if it does seem a bit too late to the party. Anyone checking up on this or are you going to go with Samsung’s other hot option instead?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I thought the note 1 is not 5.5 but the note 2 will be 5.5

    1. you are correct
      Galaxy Note:
      display Size: 800 x 1280 pixels, 5.3 inches (~285 ppi pixel density)
      (http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_note_n7000-4135.php )

  2. Neither option. I opted for the GNex and I’ll save my upgrade for the new LTE network devices. ;)

    1. You should save your money and switch to a Value plan while you wait.

    2. Uh…? You’d use LTE when you have HSPA+ as an option!? I’d go back to Tmo in a heartbeat if I wasn’t on a family plan with Sprint. I don’t have an LTE enabled phone, but I’ve yet to see any better “3G” speeds. I’ll give that some time, though.

  3. What is the point of getting the Note 1 when the Note 2 will be released around the same time ?? #TooLittleTooLate

    1. I read on another site that this one has T-Mobile’s 42mbs antenna — which is why it maybe took this long to sort out?

      I’m getting the Note 10.1″ first, then will wait a bit longer to see how the Note 2 pans out.

      If the Note 2 has the 42mbs antenna on it, I’ll buy one unlocked; if not, I’m not going to wait another year and will hopefully pick up the current Note unlocked for a few hundred less.

      1. Maybe the Note 2 is the Note 10.1. Could be that.

        1. The 10.1″ is a tablet. :) I’ve been waiting for it since they first announced it earlier this year and then they put it on hold to redesign it and up the specs.

    2. T-Mobile subsidizes phones less in return for lower monthly bills. The Note 2 will probably debut at $250-$300 on AT&T which equates to about $300-$350 on T-Mobile, i.e. too expensive to move off the shelf. They will be able to sell Notes at probably around $200. Its not quite as zippy as a GSIII, but it is HD and a great phone (we have one in our family).

  4. im waiting for note II. this is a horrible move by tmobile

  5. Good to see TMO get some decent devices

  6. Maybe its Note @ with 12 MP Camera??

  7. wait didn’t this phone come out last year everywhere else?

    1. No. Just on AT&T.

  8. does this T-Mobile will not be getting the note 2? note 2 is coming out in the next couple of months. why couldn’t they have just opted for the newer version instead of this release which is too little too late.

  9. wishful thinking probably but maybe it will be the note 2, or at least use newer processor.

  10. I call this the CraZZZy people 5.3in phone!!!

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