Telus cancels HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich update, cites “poor performance”


I always hate reporting these kind of news, but someone’s got to. Telus has decided to cancel the Ice Cream Sandwich update that was due for the HTC Desire HD, saying that they got poor response during testing. Which basically means they’re either too lazy, or don’t want to incur the cost, or just don’t give a damn.

Why do I say that? Because I’m certain the Desire HD can run Ice Cream Sandwich. You need only visit XDA to find several fledgling ROMs. The phone has decent enough components to handle the OS with ease, with the same Snapdragon S2 and has the same Adreno 205 GPU as the HTC One V, with more RAM (768 MB RAM to One V’s 512). The One V can apparently handle ICS, but Desire HD can’t.

Once again, the carriers prove it’s foolish to expect any honesty from them.

[via Droid Dog]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Just because XDA has put several ROM’s out does not mean the stock OEM ROM with all the boatware is going to perform the same.

    1. The stock OEM ROM for the HTC One V with the same CPU and less RAM appears to perform just fine. At least fine enough for Telus since they are selling it.

      1. With Sense 4, which is lighter. I’m not saying they’re right or wrong, I’m just saying there’s a huge difference. Only One phones feature Sense 4 officially.

        1. Not only that, but the dated CPU contributes as well. And with the resolution being bigger, the GPU and CPU is bogged down more often pushing dem pixels around. Also, old Sense just kills it. I’m not saying it can’t handle ICS… I’m just saying that it can’t handle bloated up Sense and bloatware in general with ICS. XDA should have plenty for all those who want a taste of ICS.

          1. Both the Desire HD and One V use the exact same
            MSM8255 S2 processor with the Adreno 205 GPU. This is purely the software’s fault, if they are updating the Desire HD with Sense 3.6. But maybe they should just skip this update and give it the one with JellyBean.

  2. One of the reasons to get a Nexus Phone. But I guess if you just want a certain phone and updates do not concern you it’s still a good choice to go with any other android.

  3. wow this is a horrible article overly critical and making stuff up. Rewrite or delete telus obviously has good enough reason to cancel it you dont know why stop crying.

    1. Telus has no valid reasons. Why could all other operators in the world upgrade their Desire HD to ICS but not Telus?

      1. Two words: More Profit

    2. I refuse to take it down irrespective of your concerns. I believe Telus is lying when they say “performance issues”, unless they tested an extremely poor build of ICS for the Desire HD.

      1. i agree im running ics on an even older device(Droid 2) and it actually runs as smooth maybe slightly better then gingerbread

      2. Raveesh, how about presenting your argument to Telus and at least give them an opportunity to explain?

    3. Wow, your comment is horrible and overly critical. You’re making things up about Telus having a good reason to screw their customers. You should rewrite or delete your comment because your grammar sucks. *Gives you a tissue to cry into*

  4. The longer a carrier supports a device with updates, the longer it will be before the device owners will feel compelled to replace it. I don’t see why anyone is ever surprised when a carrier stops releasing updates for a device. Of course they will never admit to this logic, as it would make them look greedy. Instead, they claim that conditions beyond their control are to blame.

    With every update, there will be devices that are legitimately left behind, but that’s no reason to prematurely use this as an excuse to stop issuing updates for any device.

  5. ICS runs much faster than Gingerbread on my Desire HD – Why do they lie so much ?

  6. isnt this basically a thunderbolt. which will uh get ICS on verizon allegedly.

  7. AT&T did the same thing to Samsung Captivate. Took us 18 months to get Gingerbread, then they drop support for the phone citing “performance issues”. It runs CM9 just fine. Get rid of bloatware and problem solved

  8. Seems to me it’s likely storage is the problem here, and the amount of space allocated for system storage in particular. All of the older generation of HTC devices were nobbled this way – even though they had decent CPUs and adequate GPUs, and would happily run ICS/JB otherwise. Very frustrating for the owners to see their devices EOL because of a short-sighted skimping on HTC’s part.

  9. Samsung shouldve done the same with epic 4g touch

  10. It’s possible if the V comes with Sense 4.0, and the Desire HD was supposed to come with Sense 3.6, both being built on top of ICS. The 3.xx skin was pretty bloated.

  11. tinyurl.com/7zjh3zc hgh

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