Jul 14th, 2012

I always hate reporting these kind of news, but someone’s got to. Telus has decided to cancel the Ice Cream Sandwich update that was due for the HTC Desire HD, saying that they got poor response during testing. Which basically means they’re either too lazy, or don’t want to incur the cost, or just don’t give a damn.

Why do I say that? Because I’m certain the Desire HD can run Ice Cream Sandwich. You need only visit XDA to find several fledgling ROMs. The phone has decent enough components to handle the OS with ease, with the same Snapdragon S2 and has the same Adreno 205 GPU as the HTC One V, with more RAM (768 MB RAM to One V’s 512). The One V can apparently handle ICS, but Desire HD can’t.

Once again, the carriers prove it’s foolish to expect any honesty from them.

[via Droid Dog]

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