XBMC Media Player Officially Announced For Android


This is sure to make more than a few Android-nerds very happy campers. Tonight, XMBC, the popular open-sourced media player app, has just announced that an honest-to-goodness, full featured, all-inclusive Android application is nearing a release. That means soon, Android users will be able to take full advantage of the media player solution, to stream locally stored media anywhere they can hook up their Android device. None of that rooting or funny business required. This is for everyone. The developers provided the below video as proof.

I think we may have finally found a use for the Nexus Q…


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  1. Agreed XMBC and the nexus q together would be a very good combo.

    1. agreed. XMBC on appletv was such a joke. just transferring movies onto that device by FTP was a nightmare. For those who don’t understand what they’re seeing. XMBC is just like MX Player in that its able to play video content. but the best feature it had was that it scanned your videos and sort them into a library collection. Great for home media pc and maybe tablets.

      however, what SUCKED so much was that it was limited to 2 channel audio videos output. Anything more like 6 channels, no sound output!! i never figure out how to get around that other than to downgrade the sound output when i had the appletv. I’m soooo glad i returned that appletv. that device was so useless. it might as well had a credit card reader installed on it, because that was its only purpose….

      1. why didnt you just stream them using a smb share etc….??

  2. What’s that use? I don’t get it

    1. you can take any android device with hdmi out and hook it up to a tv and have a portable home theater system. You can stream so many things to xbmc. This is going to turn these asus tablets into nice portable digital theaters that can stream or play anything. Look up xbmc, there is a lot you can do with it and it has been the #1 HTPC software for years for a reason. F*** boxeee and their sellout. Is it that hard to figure out? This is amazing!

      1. That is……… until your battery runs out :p

  3. If I can get it on my logictec review I will be extremely happy.

  4. I’m confused what am i looking at? More importantly what is so special about it?

  5. nice. been an xbmc user for several years, this will really help lower cost for multiroom deployments. :)
    Just wish they’d crack on with improved TV client-server TV service.

  6. This is the message of the year for me!

  7. Makes the omission of hdmi and sd card on the nexus 7 an even bigger miss than it did before.

  8. I’ve been hoping this day would come ever since they announced the iOS version. I’m thinking this could be rad running on one of those OUYA boxes.

  9. OMG I watched the video. This is going to rock on my transformer tablet! (which has hdmi out, a powered usb port, two sdcard slots….12-15 hour battery life….a real keyboard..its pretty nice as just a tablet too….. why get a nexus 7?)

  10. A Nexus Q with Google TV and this… well worth the asking price. Looks like it’ll happen soon from the community.

  11. This is huge. XBMC is the best media streamer… and now on Android…

    Let’s hope they’ll make it work on my Sony Google TV.

  12. As an old-school Xbox hacker, XBMC was simply awesome for early on. This is a real win for Android. Not big enough to get me to ditch my iPhone, but it is a win.

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