Jul 13th, 2012

We knew voracious Android users itching to be on the bleeding edge of mobile tech were hot for the Nexus 7, but a new report from Reuters suggests sales of  the world’s first Jelly Bean tablet are greatly outpacing supply. GameStop says they have already gone through their first two shipments of the slate, while Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart show the device as being out of stock on their websites.

GameStop is not expecting another shipment of Nexus 7 units until August, so those without a pre-order might have to do a bit of hunting to locate retailers still stocking the tablet. Though some might be a bit miffed at the lack of availability, the news is a good sign for Google. The $199 Nexus 7, which is manufactured by ASUS, is the first tablet jointly developed by the tech giant and looks to shake up the low price tablet market.

[via Reuters]

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