Rovio’s Amazing Alex now available from Google Play


Rovio is finally ready to leave the friendly confines of the nest built by Angry Birds with the release of Amazing Alex, a new physics-based puzzle game available today from Google Play. The game shares a lot in common with The Incredible Machine and Apparatus, asking players to solve puzzles using a series of static and moving objects that can be combined and rearranged to meet a level’s goal. The result is gameplay Rube Goldberg would be proud of. Amazing Alex is a $0.99 download and can be found by following the link below.

Google Play Link: Amazing Alex

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  1. Not compatible with Transformer Prime :(

    1. Or the Transformer non-prime… :(

    2. None of theTransformers are supported. This Italian article indicates that Rovio are saying (laughably) that the devices aren’t powerful enough to handle their game…!

      1. I contacted Rovio’s support, their answer was:
        “Unfortunately Amazing Alex is very demanding for devices as was Angry
        Birds Space, and it seems that all Transformer tablets are incompatible
        with the game, since we found in our testing that the Transformers
        cannot run the game well enough.”

        So I asked:
        “If that is the reason, how come then Angry Birds Space is compatible with my Transformer? Moreover, it has the same processor as my HTC One X (Tegra 3) – which is shown as compatible with Amazing Alex.”

        And then their reply made me angry/laughing:
        “We are terribly sorry for this issue. When we were testing Amazing Alex
        on the Transformer tablet it did not unfortunately meet our Quality
        Control requirements. Amazing Alex is very different compared to Angry
        Birds Space since the games are not built in the same way.”

        So is it similar to Angry Birds Space, or is it not?!

  2. I’m not sure why this is so newsworthy. Its a very meh game, and despite the fact because a big company developed it, that fact remains.

    1. agree completely. I had my kids “test” it and they too were meh about it. I might look at it again, but with the Water/Perry series its tough to please them with anything else.

  3. Casey’s Contraptions was a much more memorable name. They should have kept it…

  4. Maybe its just me but I haven’t felt compelled to play several new titles in the Play Store… the games just aren’t exciting me

  5. Not addicting at all like Angry Birds was. Interesting game. Just not sure I’ll be playing it much, if at all..

  6. It start’s slow but it get harder.

  7. If I had time to play games, I would probably take a nap instead.

  8. im sorry but the only game i waste my time on is fifa12…not angry birds nothing…..

  9. bb

  10. i think it’s a pretty creative physics game but i don’t see it becoming anywhere as viral as Angry Birds is…

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