Jul 12th, 2012

Kind of weird to think of Amazon as a Google competitor, using the power of Android against its original masters, but that’s just kinda how things have panned out. Amazon looks to further entice Android app developers over to their Appstore by introducing GameCircle — and API developers can integrate into their Kindle Fire games — that looks to enhance the user experience.  This, in theory, should lead to more downloads and greater cash flow.

GameCircle takes the door left wide open by Google, offering services specifically for games on Amazon’s platform. When your favorite game developers begin using Amazon’s GameCircle, Kindle Fire (and soon Kindle Spark?) gamers can look forward to achievements, leaderboards, and game save synching across devices. Pual Ryder, Amazon’s Vice President of Apps, Games and Services has this to say:

“Our goal is to give developers great tools to quickly and easily reach new customers and keep them engaged. That’s why we’re creating easy-to-integrate APIs for features like leaderboards, achievements and sync. GameCircle gives developers the right tools to build an immersive, more entertaining experience on Kindle Fire, which will ultimately help developers grow their business.”

So far, there are only a handful of developers who have already jumped on board like Imgangi Studios, developers of the hit Temple Run, and Spry Fox, the guys that brought you Triple Town. If you’re a game developer looking to get in on the action, you can sign up for access to the GameCircle APIs here. Those of you looking for a full list of games with GameCircle integration, you can find those here.


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