Jul 11th, 2012

Some interesting news has come out of the HTC camp. A spokesperson for the Taiwanese company said the’y’d be bringing a unique new tablet to the United Kingdom. It’s rather odd for HTC to tease something in this manner so there are a couple of different ways to go. The first way to go is the most obvious: HTC could have a brand new tablet we’ve never heard of coming out. That was easy, right?

Well, considering they only said they’d be bringing it to the UK, and considering the UK only received the HTC Flyer, there’s reason they could be talking about the Jetstream or a direct variant. We can’t say for sure that whatever the UK is getting is new to the rest of the world. For a wild card, there’s a possibility this won’t run Android at all, though there’s reason to doubt that. But the one thing for certain is that it’ll be getting something they haven’t seen yet. [via PC Advisor]

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