Galaxy Nexus to go back on sale next week, says Google


If you’ve been under a rock or constantly intoxicated from 4th of July activities over the past week or so, you may have heard that Apple was awarded a ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the United States.

The ban was due to infringement on Apple’s patent covering the ability to perform unified searches (meaning a one-stop search box to search both the web and apps on your phone). Google’s already working up a fix, it seems, as they have confirmed to ABC that the Galaxy Nexus will go back on sale next week.

Google will, in fact, be modifying Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to steer clear of infringing on Apple’s patents.This may mean that the traditional device search method will no longer be implemented, though Google may be working on a workaround rather than completely stripping the functionality out of the OS.

We shouldn’t be alarmed if Google’s going with the former course of action as they may be doing it to gain time and implement a new way to do unified searches. Whatever the case may be, the Galaxy Nexus will go back on sale next week and we just hope Apple doesn’t have any more tricks up their sleeves from here on it.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. title error

  2. I’m just glad they’re getting on this so quickly and getting it back on sale. If the functionality is stripped out while they work on a new way to do it or fight the good fight in court, that’s fine. It’s a nexus. We’ll get an update with a revamped version as soon as it’s ready.

  3. Apple Sucks…the more they sue the more I dislike them.

    1. I agree. I was going to buy a MacBook Pro. Now I am definitely buying a Windows laptop.

    2. I use a Apple computers myself… and this does effect my opinion. One thing to keep in mind though, its just not apple. This was from back in Oct. 2010 (I remembered seeing this image floating around)


      It really is crazy mobile patents are but its the same in any game.. like software. I guess this just hits home to more people.

  4. I found a petition to Impeach US District Judge Lucy Koh, Now I know this will never work but its a means to an end. The end being she has to understand how biased she has been in cases involving Apple and (enter company here) and people can see it. Go here sign if you wish.

    1. Thanks, I signed it too

    2. SIGNED

    3. signed.

    4. Signed

  5. I think Google should file an injunction against the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 claiming they came up with the idea of doing navigation on a phone and swipe down to get notifications.

    1. Google Should!!! but the downfall is we are using Android as an open source. If google doesnt beat apple to the punch in integrating compelling new features on every Android Version then google will get screwed everytime Apple forces thru a patent for a feature. Like I said, the 200 iOS features werent for nothing. It was exactly for this to destroy the expansion of android software wise.

      1. yeah unfortunately that’s the disadvantage google has to face thru.

        its kinda like fighting terrorists. you cant indiscriminately shoot at civilians but that doesnt apply to the terrorists.

        1. hahaha I love this comparison

  6. While I don’t use search hardly at all to search my phone, this shit’s stupid. Companies are now having to take out cool features because Apple has “exclusive rights” to those features, or any feature similar.

  7. Every computer and phone manufacturer needs to send this pathetic company to its grave.

    1. Apple is going down Microsoft’s old path except it’s much worse because Microsoft doesn’t stop reinventing itself and its products are reasonably priced.

  8. Ha! My brain instantly processed the title as a cross between Google and Triple J. I was very excited for a second.

  9. hasn’t the search bar been active in android phones since version 2.3? How the HELL did apple get a patent if this was already available in android a year before?

    1. It’s shady, but apparently they had a patent for searching multiple databases and presenting the options to the user from a patent they got back in like 2004 or something. They got it for Mac OS 10’s “spotlight” functionality which searches your computer and/or the web. Somehow through the use of vague generalized language they’ve manage to slip Siri’s functionality to be associated with that patent which I think is ridiculous. So now that Siri is associated with that patent and Google has been toting all their new features of Search and Google Now, Apple is calling fowl. The sad part is Google desktop has done this since 2004-ish and has done so since Android 2.3. Really its because of Google Now that Apple is being all pissy about.

      This is what I’ve gathered from the interwebs at least.

      1. hasn’t google been searching multiple databases for years online? Why should Apple own a patent because it can do it on a phone?

        1. this is the part I think it crazy. they are both computers are they not?

  10. As long as I don’t update my leaked jb, I will still have that function. Take that Apple.

  11. Apple will likely come to a point where they will feel the full wrath from multiple companies at once. These bans on android devices and lawsuits obviously havent caught the eye of the Department of Justice to launch an anti trust investigation. If that happens they really need a tech savy person analyzing the patents and the legality of even passing or using these patents, to destroy the competition. The process of searching for an answer thru the internet or applications shouldnt be patentable. I believe knowledge should be allowed to be search in a more effective manner across android, iOS, and other OS’s

  12. Any word on what part of ABC they reported to? Be great for the major news networks to pick this up and open some eyes to Apple’s BS.

  13. Workaround is putting everything on your phone, on the cloud. Then all the search has to do is do a “web search” on your online content. Problem solved.

    1. The patent is absurd. It’s search functionality that searches multiple databases. Now think about a website that has a search feature. If you go to Amazon and search for something, it’s going to check everything. It’ll look at their books database to see if there are results that match, it’ll check movies, tv shows, music, etc etc etc. It’s been done and its a pretty obvious thing to for a phone, especially when the company that is implementing it has been the leading search provider for damn near 20 years.

  14. Stop blaming Apple. They are a company and should be allowed to do whatever the heck they want LEGALLY. This is a problem with our law system being outdated and granting broad patent for every stupid shit idea that apple comes up with.

    And there’s something shady about that same judge granting them all these bans on Android devices.

  15. This is great. Apple is obviously running scared. All the wasted time, effort, and money on these frivolous lawsuits could have been used to improve iOS. I’m not defending Apple, but this just shows how out of touch they are. They don’t want anyone in the world to own phone that’s not theirs. Ban Samsung, ban HTC, ban Motorola (they won’t go that far will they?), and ban them in every country possible for infringing on patent that is laughable.

    Remember what happened when Microsoft it tried to monopolize web browsing? Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer all have their users. Imagine that – competition where the USERS decide.

  16. I would love it if Google just commented out the infringing code. [srcsm]No one on XDA would DREAM of infringing on Apple patents…[srcsm]

  17. Apple are reducing innovation by holding Google back on the most insignificant of stuff while at the same time ripping off major aspects of the android OS: sueing over “Swype to unlock” then poaching the whole notification system. Jobs’s whole “thermonuclear” campaign has gone on long enough… Apple was built on lies and stolen technology and they have always been top dog in the smartphone race and never batted an eyelid at android until it became popular, now that they are losing out, they whine like children. Apple aren’t losing out, the end users are!

  18. any idea when the offical ROM will be released so i can flash it to my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. (yes, i know there ROM”s currently out now for 4.1. I would rather flash a complete bug free ROM). Thanks.

    1. I’ve been using 4.1 on my Verizon Gnex since I/O and there aren’t bugs. They took the build Google pushed to the I/O Gnex’s and made it available.

  19. I’m sure Apple will have a lawsuit filed against the nexus 7 within the month. Probably right as it is supposed to ship.

  20. Um…? And what did Google steal? Google stole search? Please prove to me how Google stole search. Go on. I’m 21. I don’t mind waiting. I have about 60 more years on me. I’m sure you can come up with a bogus lie by then.

    1. Stay in your garden jail troll

    2. Nokia phones have been able to search multiple databases for years, and windows has had ‘all file’ searches for years… it’s a dodgy patent, that Apple should not have been awarded.

  21. So basically apple just spent $96 mil to ban it for a week? or do they get their money back?

    1. I’d like to know this as well

    2. I hope they don’t get their money back… Apple is like a greedy rich kid!

  22. I love this just because i know one day…

    Apple Assistant: Sir the new iPad 5 prototype is ready.
    CEO: Good. whats the screen resolution?
    Assistant: 5120 x 2280.
    CEO: and who is manufacturing this?
    Assistant: your call sir.
    CEO: Samsung?
    Assistant: No sir, they hate us, remember? their search bar was actually useful so we had to unleash Operation L.Koh.
    CEO: How about LG?
    Assistant: No sir, we said their Televisions look like iPhones from far away…
    CEO: Damn.

  23. I can’t get on the internet without reading about apple having some kind of ridiculous lawsuit against google’s phones. I sold everything I had that was apple . this type of childish behavior shouldn’t be coming from a supposably top of the line business. Iphones have great hardware but do not have the software 2 utilize it. Soon people will start to steer away from apple. And they deserve every bit of it.

  24. There’s a petition I posted (in place of the one to impeach Lucy Koh, which has been closed and turned into an alias for this one) for the USPTO to approve the notification patent application (which Google did in fact file back in 2009 but the USPTO didn’t approve it yet). Please sign:


  25. Pretty sure my xbox has the same search feature… come on Apple, why not take on Microsoft!?! Didn’t think so.

  26. apple is going crazy about jelly bean. jelly bean is the future of the IOS, and google use it early on. apple certainly has a plan all the features of the jelly bean for the next generation of IOS, so apple sue samsung & google for galaxy nexus. because the galaxy nexus is the first phone that will use the Jelly Bean.

    jelly bean is the nightmare for apple, because jelly bean is more faster, more smooth & more fantastic than iOS

  27. I think I speak for all who are against communism when I say: Boycottapple! I want to buy the products I want, I want to go to an electronics store where I don’t see douchy people dress like they belong to a cult and sell products that cost 10x what they are worth. Apple knows that the iPhone does not stand a chance against anyone so they have to let a moron in a robe (judges) settle things instead of the regular consumers. It is hard to believe that Apple has so many fans, I guess they hate justice and capitalism.

    1. What the hell are you talking about? Apple is the ultimate capitalist story. A business, built in a garage by 2 guys and it has grown into the most valuable company in the world? In a capitalist society, consumers can vote with their wallet. A communist society people are forced into doing things… usually at gun point. Last time I checked, Apple doesn’t force people into it’s stores with AK-47s. People pour into Apple stores because Apple creates devices that people want to use. As for them selling products at “10x what their worth”, that is your opinion and you can vote with your wallet. The thing is… every year they are breaking records with their sales… so obviously those people don’t share your opinion of what Apple’s products are worth. It is CAPITALISM at it’s BEST!

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