LG Viper: Affordable Android on the Now Network [Sponsored Post]


In the market for an affordable smartphone? What if I told you that you wouldn’t have to sacrifice power for price? The LG Viper is currently available online from Sprint for free on a two-year contract, and with it you get a fully capable Android device coupled with Sprint’s upcoming 4G LTE network. How does a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM sound? What about Google Wallet capabilities thanks to near-field communications. The Viper has it.

So just what can you do with Google Wallet? Got a case of the munchies and headed down to the convenience store? Payment is as simple as tapping your phone at checkout. Forget about digging out the wallet. Who has time for that? Just load up Wallet with some pre-paid cash and you’re good to go. Sprint will even give you $25 of credit just for signing up with the LG Viper.

But you get more. The full power of Android in your sweaty little palm. Email, web surfing, apps, and games all at your fingertips. It’s not the flashiest device on the market, but not everyone wants to throw $200 at an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3. For the college student or recent grad taking on the responsibility of their first contract away from mommy and daddy’s family plan, the LG Viper makes one frugal choice. And frugality, you will learn, is cooler than any iPhone will ever be.

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  1. I’m definately cancelling my Galaxy S3 pre-order for this. Who needs ICS when you’ve got Gingerbread with LG bugs? Giving up my unlimited 4G LTE for Sprint’s spotty LTE network will be so worth it.


    1. FYI, Sprint isn’t horrible EVERYWHERE.. Lol Only some places. I’d actually recommend the Viper to those on a budget (some people don’t believe in spending more than $100 for a phone). It’s quick, nice build quality and, well, has NFC. All this things needs is ICS and it would be truly great.

      1. *Most places

      2. I have a Gnex with Verizon, and i use my G-Wallet occasionally, and what’s funny, is sometimes the clerks have a baffled look on their face, and you can see they are thinking: Did this guy just hack into our system with his phone, and trick us to think he has paid? PRICELESS :)

        EDIT: WOW there were alot of mistypes in this post, sorry Chris.

  2. Should have put ice cream sandwich on it. The phone does do surf and talk simultaneous on 3g network and I know allot of people don’t care. But when your tethered to your tablet and watching a movie the last thing you want is for the phone to ring and start the movie up again and find the spot what the movie was. It’s a low end phone but there needed on every carrier

  3. Enjoyed waiting for a WiMax network that never came? Enjoyed our spotty 2G network? With the LG Viper 4G LTE you can now wait for the upcoming 4G LTE network which might come to your area in 2014, just in time to upgrade to the LG Viper 3 infinity G…..

    Sprint, the probably never network.

  4. Google Wallet FTW!

    EDIT: Needs VISA support

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