Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire vs Acer Iconia Tab A110


Google have finally unveiled their Nexus 7 tablet and, for $200, it should wow and impress most of you. It’s stacked right up against an existing heavy hitter in the Kindle Fire as well as the newly announced Acer Iconia Tab A110, both of which are priced and sized quite comparably. But just how well does Google tablet stack up? Let’s take a look at the ever-so-juicy comparison below.

For its cost you’re getting a little bit more with Acer’s offering which is only rumored to be less than $200. They’re comparable in processor, memory, and display, but the A110 has an advantage in quite a few more areas. It has the better camera, more connectivity options (HDMI), and an expandable storage using a microSD card slot.

Google’s got it bested in some areas, though. Namely, it’ll come with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google’s latest OS, and it has a better resolution with 1280×800 pixels.

The Amazon Kindle is the ugly, red-headed stepchild of the bunch with its specs, but the experience is great for those who are Android power users.

Books, Amazon Prime Video, games and apps from the Amazon Appstore, and more make this an absolute necessity for those who put a lot of their eggs into the retailer giant’s basket. How would you say these three stack up?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Since I’m not too storage hungry, I’m all in on the nexus 7.

    1. Plus there are work arounds to plug in a usb drive. And I would probably find a way to use NFC on my phone to stream music to the N7 so as to not need mp3s on the N7 as well. The only thing I would miss is the microHdmi out. But since I use it once every never on my phone I probably wouldn’t find frequent use of it on N7 either.

      At some point I have to say, ok I don’t need all this crap on my device. I need just enough because its only $199 and I pretty much know in a few years I will drool over the next awesome tablet.

  2. you should add the Samsung Galaxy tab 2 to the comparison.

    1. Samsung Galaxy tab 2 [GT-P3113] is winner!

      1. tab 2 looks nice, but 1024×600 display?? phones have higher resolution displays now. so i will go with gn7.

        1. The screen actually looks amazing on the Tab 2. I really like it. I use Doggcatcher for Podcasts. Basically that is all I use the Tab 2 for and it works great for that!

      2. the galaxy tab 2 is nice but the processor doesn’t hold a candle to the tegra 3 much less the tegra 2

  3. Tym for me to be a douche and say “you can’t say thinness”. You say thickness. It’s 10.45mm thick from 0mm. So thinness means there is a set amount of thickness and it’s 10.45mm thinner than it.

    But since no one cares, I’m going to join the rest of the crowd and laugh with them at thinness. LoL!! X.P

    Though I’m sad that there is no SD card slot in the Nexus 7. =.(

    1. lack of microsd slot made me sad to. :( hope host mode will word with lowpower 2.5″ external hdd

    2. Thickness and Thinness are regarded (oddly) as both synonyms and antonyms (whereas thick and thin are only antonyms). Also, thickness has been defined as:

      thick·ness (thkns)
      n.1. The quality or condition of being thick.2. The dimension between two surfaces of an object, usually the dimension of smallest measure.3. A layer, sheet, stratum, or ply: Each floor is a single thickness of concrete.
      In this article, they are using thickness like #2 above.

      And #1 below:

      1: the smallest of three dimensions

      2: the quality or state of being thick
      3a : viscous consistency b : the condition of being smoky, foul, or foggy

      1. Um… In the image, they used the word “thinness”, not “thickness”. I’m sure it was just to be funny, which I thought was funny. It gained a chuckle from me. But your definitions, although helpful, weren’t necessary since the word was “thinness”, not “thickness”. LoL!! =.P

        1. Ah, my apologies, I misread your comment. I’ve seen many using Thinness quite a bit, (agreed, to grab a chuckle).

  4. Ordered the Nexus 7 and will be giving my Fire (with ICS ROM) to the wife to replace her LOUSY nook color.

    1. hey the nook color plays a mean angry bird! Just ask my 7 year old :P

  5. Not having a MicroSD slot on the N7 is not a deal breaker for me since I am currently using less then 3GB on my Nook Tablet. I stream all my videos using Skifta which lets me stream over either wifi or 3g/4g

    1. That’s nice that Skifta lets you stream over either wifi or 3g/4g, but the N7 does not have 3g/4g so you will only be able to do that around wifi, unless you tether to your phone or mifi.

  6. Nook color is better than the fire in my opinion. Same specs but it has an sd card which allows running roms from sd without rooting. I’m not tied into cloud services. Same reason I might buy Acer Iconia instead of nexus 7.

    1. You have that wrong the Nook Tablet has similar specs to the Kindle Fire but the Nook Color is only a single core device.

  7. Maybe so but I can still run cm7 without rooting and also go back to stock system. In my opinion still better than fire. Nook tablet even better but I bought it before nook tablet price dropped.

  8. Looks like the next kindle fire needs to step it up.

  9. Hey Quentyn, How exactly does the acer win out over the nexus 7 exactly? Software aside… 7 wins in screen, internal storage(mind you with fee, though has the option at least), battery, and weight. Acer has the edge with microsd and camera(I’m giving you that one, megapixels are not always everything though). and it’s a draw in everything else(yes connectivity too, acer has hdmi but 7 has nfc). My score puts it at 4 to 2 with the nexus on top! And if you go back and add software and rom support, well nexus blows acer out of the water.

  10. I dont think its fair to compare Nexus 7 with the old Kindle fire. I’ll wait for Kindle fire 2 and then see which one I’ll buy

    1. Until Amazon releases or officially announces the Kindle Fire 2, it is perfectly fair to compare it to the “old” Kindle fire.

  11. Trust me Amazon and B&N are relieved by this and got Google’s approval seeing as how they are the most selling android based tavlets, they were losing money on their hardware. I give it less than a month before updates to their apps come out to make it compatible with the Nexus 7 and then the Next Kindle Android will be a light weight $150 tablet slightly comparable with the Nexus 7 and phasing out some of the higher priced e-reader Kindles but with a longer battery life dual processor model and then B&N will follow suit. Amazon and B&N are all about content, they don’t care about the hardware but they were the trendsetters that made the worth having Android tablets sub $200.

  12. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ is $249 in best buy, how does it stay front of Nexus 7?

  13. Clear winner: Nexus 7

    1. How is it the clear winner. It looks like it is a toss up between Nexus 7 and the A110, depending on your usage/needs.

  14. Not to mention N7 will get hassle free updates directly from Google, which IMO, is priceless.

  15. Isn’t the kindle old now? There will be kindle 2 this year.

    1. yeah, but it still won’t have Google Play/Market. I have purchased apps in Google Play that I can’t get on the Fire.

  16. If Acer uped the screen res it would be the device to have

  17. i swear i heard “hdmi” mirroring during the keynote. really sad to see it’s not actually true.

  18. It’s a disappointment that the N7 doesn’t have microSD but I would think that is because they want to encourage cloud based data.
    I would like to see a Nexus with 3G to make it more practical but out of the choice given I think the N7 looks best in class :)

    1. They basically made the N7 completely useless for travel. Limited storage and no HDMI out completely killed it for me. I would have much rather had the asus version of it prior to Google ruining it.

  19. IMO, no sd card on a wifi only tablet is a no no but I would totally pick the N7 over the fire. The A110 seems to be a good option too. Can’t wait to see both the N7 and A110 in person.

  20. Even a hardcore Amazon fan admitted the Google Nexus 7 tablet is the clear winner in the smackdown. An interesting read here: http://kindle-fire-2-news.blogspot.com/p/kindle-fire-2-vs-nexus-7.html

    Either way I wonder if the KF 2 will match up to these tablets in the future. A video comparison would be great!

  21. Nexus 7 = Far to nerfed.
    Fire = outdated (They are refreshing soon)
    Acer = All the bells and whistles.

    The Acer has HDMI out and expandable storage. This makes it an optimal choice for travel. Being able to hook it up to an LCD tv and having the storage to bring enough content for a long trip is a huge + .

    1. Acer = Almost all the bells and whistles.
      If Acer had the higher resolution screen of the Nexus 7 then it would have all the bells and whistles (that and maybe NFC).
      Regardless of the lower resolution, I’m still going to wait for the Acer.

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