Google I/O Companion App Updated – Google TV Support, Push Notifications, Better Spacetime Decompression Algorithms


The official Google I/O companion app was just updated in the Google Play Store and now becomes an even bigger resource for those attending the 3-day event, and those watching from home that don’t want to miss out on a single announcement. New to this version (really, I’m positive this time) is the ability for Google TV users to watch the I/O Live streams from the comfort of their living rooms. For those attending, we can now take advantage of push notifications that will give attendees updates of announcements and conference schedules from the I/O.

Of course, the usual bug fixes have been addressed, specifically for those using small screen Android devices and those experiencing sync issues with Google Calendar. Oh, and don’t forget the improvements made to the spacetime decompression algorithms giving those inside the Moscone Center 29 total hours per day during Google I/O. We’re going to need it. Only 1 more day, peoples!

[Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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