Android 4.0 update resumes for Samsung Galaxy S II owners on AT&T [Update: Officially available 6/26]


Update: While we have received tips from plenty of users saying they have been able to pull the Android 4.0 update to their AT&T Galaxy S II handsets today, an official statement from AT&T puts the availability as starting tomorrow, June 26th. So if you aren’t having any luck finding Ice Cream Sandwich when booting up Samsung Kies as of now, check back then and you should be able to pull the update with little fuss.

Last week AT&T subscribers holding the Samsung Galaxy S II were treated to a bit of a tease after the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update for the handset was made available via the Kies desktop software only to be pulled a day later. We are no receiving reports that the update is once again live and ready to go for anxious GS2 owners.

AT&T looks to be keeping this one as a tethered update requiring the Kies software to proceed. At this point an over-the-air release does not seem likely, but could begin at a later date. If you are ready to take the Android 4.0 plunge go ahead and connect that GS2 to your PC and fire up Kies, a treat awaits you.

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  1. I want to know when the SkyRocket update will be coming out. Apparently the SkyRocket can’t be updated via Kies. Kies says the phone isn’t compatible. How long will I have to wait. AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG.

    1. hey,
      candian rogers version have it already so i guess you will see the at&t ics very soon

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