Ruling lands in favor of Samsung in Apple patent dispute, Dutch court urges compensatory deal


A ruling has been handed down in yet another patent dispute between Apple and Samsung. Word out of the Hague is that the Dutch court has decided in favor of Samsung in a case challenging that older iPad models and several editions of the iPhone violate existing 3G patents held by the Korea-based mobile manufacturer.  The decision comes only months after the same court denied certain patent infringement claims made by Samsung and could result in compensation for the maker of the newly launched Galaxy S III smartphone.

The patent in question is EP1188269 as filed in the European system and deals with “encoding a transport format combination indicator for a communications system.” The ruling comes with a judge’s recommendation that the two parties settle the difference via monetary means rather than a sales ban of Apple products. Whatever Samsung gains will be offset by the €800,000 the company owes Apple for the earlier denied patent cases.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Yayyy for Samsung!!!!!!

  2. Suck it apple. Thats for inciting the stupid patent war.

  3. Ram it up their *** Samsung!!

    1. ram it up their app is what you meant to say.

  4. How do you like them apples, apple?

  5. Compensation, what a lovely word for Samsung to hear. ‘Bout flipping time Apple gets a taste of their own medicine.

  6. Crybaby apple will most likely appeal the decision but even still it’s a victory for Android and samsung once again :) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy samsung.

  7. Pocket change for Apple.

    1. Samsung has way more money than Apple ever will. They are responsible for over 80% of south Korea’s exports. They make everything from cars, to phones, to dishwashers. Did I mention they even owned a chain of grocery stores in South Korea? Do your research buddy. =P

      1. teneighty is an apple troll, don’t feed him. Or use reason. it won’t work.

  8. I can’t bloody tell which one is the iPad. /s

  9. Samsunged them Apples!!!

  10. Samsung should go for.a ban on the infringing Apple product’s! Given hell Samsung!

  11. Another blow to iSheep. Graze on this! ..I..

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