Foxconn CEO: Upcoming iPhone 5 Will Put The Samsung Galaxy S3 To Shame


Just because the Samsung Galaxy S3 can’t keep up with consumer demand doesn’t mean that everyone is clamoring for the device. In fact, during an annual st0ckeholder’s meeting, Hon Hai CEO Terry Gou (Foxconn’s parent company) urged consumers to not buy into the hype, and pass on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Instead, the chairman urged customers to hold out for the upcoming iPhone 5 which he believes, “will put the Samsung Galaxy S III to shame.” Bold words coming from Foxconn — and they don’t come without bias (or hint of racism).

It just so happens that Foxconn is one of Apple’s key manufacturing partners (ironically, Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest customers) and from the looks of it, Terry Gou is still bitter about a certain European Commission investigation that took place back in 2010. According to him, Samsung snitched on fellow Taiwanese flat-panel manufacturers accused of fixing prices in order to save their own necks. Guess this is just Mr. Gou’s way of holding to the old Chinese proverb, “Snitches get stitches.”

In fact, it is now Gou’s lifetime goal is to “beat” Samsung, in which the company has plans to do in 5 years time. That puts Sammy on 2 sh*t lists — both Apple and now their supplier, Foxconn. But really, that’s comes as no surprise. Foxconn is already forming an alliance with Japanese owned Sharp, whom Foxconn owns a majority stake in. According to the CEO, “I respect the Japanese and especially their execution and communication styles. Unlike the Koreans, they will not hit you from behind.” Oh, man. When egos are at stake, ‘ol Terry pulls the race card. I had no idea they were so viciously competitive in Asia.

Thanks, HVTDA!

[China Times | AppleInsider | FocusTaiwan]

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  1. The CEO of Foxconn can go **** himself.

    1. That’s what his employees said…

      1. I’d tell him to take a flying leap out of his office window…but his window is the only one at foxCONN with a net!

        1. I can’t like this comment enough…. I think I am the only one that sees what you did there.

          1. He just enlightened me.. almost forgot who Foxconn was.. Good one indeed.. Lol..

  2. So it will have a screen bigger than 4.8 inches, more than 2GB of memory, and run Jelly Bean?

    1. lol we have 2gb ram (4 times more then the Iphone) phones with 1.5 quad core processors by the time the iPhone 5 is released well be in laptop territory while apple is still at like 1gb ram at this rate in 5 years our phones are going to be like 4-5 x more powerful then an iPhone

      1. Because,,,,we need more power to…urrum make phone calls? All that more more more also needs more power you know. Battery technology does not keep up with how much more crap you can stuff into a wafer.

        1. 1,5Ghz dual core qualcomm s4 eats less power than 1Ghz qualcomm s1 single core. So you made fool out of you. Hi resolution display panels and LTE is nowadays battery hogs.

        2. Battery technology had, and will continue to, improve. And if one still thinks of these devices as a phone first, then I say they are 1) overpaying for a phone and, 2) not using their devices correctly/ to their full potential.

        3. I don’t know about you but phone calls are probably the least done activity on my phone. I use my device as a handheld computer. The only thing I really use a laptop for now is to write code.

          1. I made a phone call about a week ago… now it’s all text and heytell app…
            which is like a push to talk for hipsters…

          2. I made a phone call about a week ago… now it’s all text and heytell app…
            which is like a push to talk for hipsters…

    2. A screen bigger than 4.8″ would be Bad even size bigger than 4.8″ is Bad aswell, 4.3 to 4.5″ is the best size.

      1. Everyone has there own prefrences. I hated the 4.3 inch size of the Sensation. I know have a galaxy s3 and the screen size is perfect. The iPhone looks like a expensive childs toy toy in compararsion.

      2. I just upgraded from a 4.3″ to the One X with a 4.7″ and that screen size is fantastic. I would never get another phone with a smaller screensize then 4.7″.

  3. who is this ass hat and why is he beating his chest like he created the device? he needs to stfu and let Apple speak on behalf of its own products.

    1. +1 for the use of the term “ass hat”

    2. nother +1 for the use of asshat.

  4. I don’t trust any company, with employees that commit suicide, who put up nets around buildings to prevent suicide. How bad can working conditions be for people to even think of jumping.

  5. Apple can try all they want, but they will never be as good as they used to be before the industry crashed in the 1990’s.

  6. It’s one thing to talk big, and it’s another thing to deliver. We’ll see what happens, Foxconn. I can’t understand why someone would comment on something that really… Just doesn’t involve them. They didn’t create the design or specifications for the iP5, so why be so… arrogant and ignorant about the world of smartphones? You just manufacture the device.

    1. This does directly affect him… I’d wager iPhone production represents a sizable portion of their bottom line… less iPhones sold = less money for Foxconn. So this is quite blatantly an attempt to make people on the fence who might be up for contract renewal soon keep from going Android.

      1. Right. What it tells me though is that iPhone partners may be worried about the incredible demand for the S3. Well all partners except Samsung that is.

        1. zing, I love this article btw the comments are great!

      2. I believe that Apple would like to get away from being so dependent on Samsung. foxCONN is simply kissing up to the international markets so Apple will start using them exclusively for displays(foxConn = sharp)

        1. Sharp now makes its own screens, it no longer relies on slave labor, also known as Foxconn

    2. Because cupertino didn’t want to look like the smuck crying so they ask their foxconn lackeys to do it.

  7. The grammar in this post – it’s killing me. :-(

  8. He’s just mad because his company has poor management skills and he can’t keep his opponents in check. It’s business; If you didn’t expect that from the start, step down now and go back to business school. I also didn’t notice the fact that Sharp’s “execution and communication styles” earned them the number one spot in cell phone sales. Oh wait no, that’s Samsung. What products from Sharp are good by the way? I don’t own a single Sharp product in this technology-ridden household of mine.

    1. Their tube Tv’s? Haha I do remember a time when there was a Sharp TV in just about every house.

  9. IPhone 5 is coming when? September / October? Well by that time the GS3 will have sold 25 million handsets and will be middle aged in phone years. There’s no telling what kick butt Android phone will be launching then.

    1. Already Samsung has Galaxy Not II with Quad-core, coming in October, just the same time IPHONE 5 coming out… And LG has 4.8 inch screen with Quad-core coming to print and AT&T, in the end of October, GOOD LUCK FOXCONN and Apple.

      1. HTC 5 inch that’s all I will say. Samsung and HTC are going to bury apple and bury them proper with unbeatable hardware/software combinations.

        1. Apple will never be buried, and let’s not forget about Windows Phone 8! Competition keeps these companies from being complacent, and spurs innovation. In the end, we all win!

          1. It would be very cathartic though to see Apple dip to 3rd place. I believe that would be a proper burial the big-headed litigious company deserves.

          2. If Windows 8 sells twice as well as Windows 7, It’ll capture 2% of the mobile market.

          3. hey now, check some of androids nombres from when they started up the ladder lol windows I believe windows has actually had a better takeoff! (and with phones like the lumia and htc titan 2 being the flagships of the os they are years ahead of the samsung moment….)

          4. If Windows 8 sells twice as well as Windows 7, It’ll capture 2% of the mobile market. Apple’s been buried before, and this time, Steve can’t swoop in and save them from themselves.

          5. You are a 100% right I forgot about windows! And when I say buried I mean that public awareness will take over and they will be limited to people that are just as well off with a feature phone that talks!

    2. I anticipate that when iphone 5 is about to roll out samsung will launch a flex display phone.

      1. Samsung will be launching the Note II at about the same time as the iPhone5. They actually delayed it specifically to compete with the iPhone launch. If I’m not mistaken, it uses an Unbreakable Plane display (UBP), which is still the precursor to the flex.

  10. Iphone will just follow the android legacy. There is nothing the iphone can do that android can’t. Its personal preference as to what to use. I enjoy the roms and tweaks that I can do with android, iphone lacks in this area. I won’t ever get an iphone.

    1. i’m extremely suprised at the lack of hate in the comments on this post… like there’s a little, but for the article title almost everyone’s been quite mature about it, kudos.
      Also, i agree… i love playing with custom firmware it lets me choose what my phone comes with, or rather what is integrated on my S3

  11. If the iphone 5 has iOS6 on it, it has already failed.

    1. After Playing With iOS6, I Must Say, It Is Very Nice And Very Polished (Even For A Beta)

      1. “IOS6″…hmmm…is that what you call it?

      2. yea so? You still hit a wall eventually. That won’t ever change with IOS. Btw, what are you doing here then fanboy?

        1. Maybe, If You’d Take Your Head Away From Your Incredible S You’d Realize That I Have Galaxy Nexus With An Unlocked Bootloader Running The Latest AOKP B39… Just Because I Said Something Is Nice And Polished Doesn’t Mean I Am A Fanboy Of Said Product.

          1. I Also Enjoy Capitalizing Every Word I Type.

          2. Not helpful.

          3. But Entertaining!

      3. I have some shoes that are very polished. They don’t compare in functionality to my phone.

  12. I think shame is what you should feel when your workers are killing themselves as a way of quiting their jobs.

  13. So the main manufacturing partner for the iPhone, which employs labor in slave like conditions, says you shouldn’t buy phones from their competitors…

    I’m completely flabergasted!!!!!! Wow!!!! I just can’t believe in that!!!!

    Seriously, Foxconn is a terrible company that should be put out of business…

  14. Come at us bro

  15. Are you talking about shame? Shame on you.

  16. I doubt the iPhone 5 will beat the HTC ONE X.

    1. Beat in what sense? the One X isn’t selling that well.

      1. in the sense of 4.0

      2. It isn’t? Hadn’t heard that. It also might be that HTC didn’t manage to get it on the U.S. carriers. I know some folk that want the One X bad even in the face of the S3 but don’t want to go to AT&T to get it.

  17. How you gonna verbally attack an entire ethnicity of people based on your business dealings with one company based out of that country!?! That is so ridiculously childish and ignorant!!! I hope the Japanese screw him over too!!! Lol!!!

  18. Load of BS, Chinese people don’t respect the Japanese because of what they did during WWII. For that matter, China would like to see everyone in the far east second to them. This guy is only tooting his own horn, trying to divert the never ending problems that Foxconn has.

    1. Technically he is not Chinese but Taiwanese, and Taiwanese people like the Japanese. I don’t know why but it’s true.

      1. The Japanese share the Taiwanese dislike of Communism.

      2. Oh, and Taiwane/Chinese is a National distinction as opposed to Racial/Ethnic/Cultural. Gou was born on mainland China.

        1. I didn’t know that. Thanks!

      3. He was making a statement about a product made by his company, which is in China. If Foxconn was in Taiwan, I’d agree.

  19. hmmm, those are my initials! thanks for the shout-out! :) and many wonder why those who do not like apple, generally hate apple! ignorance, arrogance, pompous, crapple, comes to mind

    1. Thanks for the tip! :)

  20. Wow….this guy is funny but no thank you Sir. You can stick iphone 5 where sun doesn’t shine.

  21. He (Mr Foxcom CEO) should stick to installing suicide nets. He has upset half the world with one little speech. And he has absolutely no credibility to back anything up.

    1. He’s hoping it sells well cause if it doesn’t he’ll be the one jumping off the roof.

  22. I hope they don’t find an android in his pocket after he jumps, now that would be shameful!

    1. son I am disappoint.

  23. Ask him about the bars installed @ Foxconn factories to keep workers from committing suicide.

    1. They got rid of the bars and installed nets instead. When the nets didn’t work, they hired armed guards. The guards shoot first…so no more suicides!!!!!

  24. He’s Bluffing.

  25. First stop slaving your staff for 14 hour shifts.

  26. Likely the IPhone 5 won’t even have NFC, which soon all new Android phones will! And by the end if thus year Verizon & ISIS will be launching Mobile payments.

    1. na the iPhone 5 probably will, and Apple will try to convince everyone that they invented it!

  27. You seem surprised at the idea that Asian peoples detest eachother, I figured this was common knowledge by now…

  28. He’s just upset his BASE jumping team isn’t around any more to compete in London 2012.

      1. yeah but you liked the comment, admit it.

  29. Funny how he still thinks the SGS III is going to be the flag ship against the iPhone 5…..The GNote II is going to be the heavy hitter against the iPhone 5. Either way, they both will put it to shame.

    1. Thats right, android devices come like rat droppings, there’s a new “flagship” every other month lol

  30. Seriously. I’m available for an upgrade and I hate to say it but a few months ago I was going to get an iPhone. Then I saw the Galaxy S3. I was changed forever. Apple has too many strict rules on creating apps on the App Store and I feel that you can’t use your phone to it’s full potential with Apple. With Android you can access almost 100% of your phone without jailbreaking it! I’m getting the S3 as soon as it hits Verizon in July!

  31. Apple prides itself on releasing year old hardware. The iPhone 5 was meant to compete against the google nexus. The iPhone 6 on the other hand will destroy the galaxy s3 but that’s not till after the 5s destroys the evo 3d first.

    1. zing and hit. I moved out of my EVO 3d to the one x (yes swapped carriers to att) and I am sure it will beat the 3d lol but not the EVO LTE :P

  32. He should know what shame is…he is a slaver.

  33. They said that about the last iPhone too. I laughed when I saw the iPhone 4S.

  34. Hey, I heard with the Iphone5 you can post something to facebook and even mix your facebook contacts with your phone contacts. Wow!

  35. I hope he’s right. More competition is better and Apple is behind right now.

  36. Wow… the talk seems to have gone from the next android phone being an iPhone killer to the next iPhone being an android killer. Nice.

    1. Comment of the day.

    2. Oh how the tables have turned. *evil mr. burns face*

  37. lol, i wouldnt surprise, since my gnexus cant even beat 4s. bad battery, cheap build, light weight, lag once in a while, 3g to 4g takes a while.

    1. Dude , I will be glad when you get your iPhone so we no longer have to deal with your whiney ass.

      1. I’m, you have no idea how retard it is to carrying a charger wherever you go.

        1. I honestly don’t know anyone who has an android phone who carries a charger too…however a couple of iPhone users do and they seem to charge them a lot in work too. Actually make that 4 people who actually charge them in work. Just an observation.

          1. i dont know about you, but i have never seen any of my friends (4s user) carrying a charge, while my co works and manager always use my chargers (android). and im the only one who use android among all my friends too…..

    2. Perhaps we should fix your grammar before you affix your idea of the galaxy nexus? The Galaxy Nexus I’ve seen last quite a while, and pretty solid. And since when is a light phone a bad thing? If you want a brick you should pick up a mobile phone from the 90’s.

      1. You are not me, so, you don’t how much trouble I had to face. I had to charge it 3 times each day, I also had to carrying a charger wherever I go. For me, a light phone mean it’s cheap, build with cheap materials. Don’t have that high quality feel.

  38. WAIT, did I read something wrong? A boss of a company where the workers constantly commits suicide calls the koreans unethical? How many news have we heard about samsung and LG losing workers from suicide? That dumbass better stay quiet until they treat their workers with respect. +iPhone 5 is going to put samsung galaxy s3 to shame? how? is it able to play more than just mp4 video, does it allow micro SD, can you change the battery without tearing it apart, does it have true multitasking, does it have anything that adnroid does not have?

  39. lol, probably half the parts in an iPhone are Samsung parts and Samsung is pretty much the only source for amoled screens. So I wonder what magical kingdom this iphone product will be coming from sprinkled with fairy dust.

  40. the mouthpiece of apple.

  41. I just love the idea of a phone feeling shame. Once the most well-specced phone in the world, soon the SG3 will be holding a blade to its screen muttering about honor and seppuku.

    1. No, because the SG3 screen cannot be hurt by a blade. XD

      1. It would be a very long process.

  42. Like I said, if your competitor is not at all concern about your product they won’t bother acknowledging you and give you free publicity. When they are very worry, they start sending out their lackey partner’s CEO (i.e. slaves) to talk smack so you don’t have to do it yourself. Thats when you know they are really sweating.

  43. Keep in mind, this guy REALLY hates Samsung.

  44. He just looks like a pompous li’l f*g…

  45. Just for the sake of being a pompous jerk, Korean is not a race. People need to quit calling any dislike of another ethnicity/culture racism. It cheapens the word. Hispanic is not a race, Korean is not a race, Sexual preference is not a race, etc. Discriminatory and prejudice yes, racism no.
    And for the record F Foxconn, anyone who treats their employees the way Foxconn does shouldn’t be in business. Terry Gou is the one who should be ashamed!

    1. Well, there are some valid reasons to discriminate. In the medical industry, it could be the difference of life and death when it comes to understanding different cultures. Just for example, blacks in the United States are far more prone to sickle-cell anemia than any other “race”. But yeah, I see what you mean. We are all a part of the same human race.

      1. I do not believe discrimination and prejudice necessarily a bad thing just like you mentioned in one example. Prejudice is a safety mechanism for humans, for instance; I have prejudged that the stovetop may be hot, therefore, I probably shouldn’t touch it, or I have prejudged that this contractor’s work has been sub-par in this past ,therefore, I am going to use a different contractor. I think you missed my point about race. Korean, Japanese, Mexican, none of these are races, they are nationalities. If you really want to get into it; until recently scientists believed there were three races Caucasian, Negroid, and Mongoloid. Each person is comprised of one all or some of these races. As of recently studies have shown that a black man from Africa may have more genes in common with a white man from England than he does with other black men in Africa, therefore, turning the whole race discussion on it’s head. Most scientists now agree that race is nothing more than a social construct and not necessarily genetic based as was believed in the past. I know TL:DR =p

        TL:DR: Korean isn’t a race, it’s a nationality.

        1. I agree, it’s more of a social construct than anything. There is, however, not a clear line between nationality and ethnicity. Social science is so complex…

    2. Any group of people who can be grouped whether by geographical area, phenotypes, language, social status is a race. Go check out Wikipedia

      1. Thanks, but I know better than to get my “facts” from Wikipedia.

  46. Since we’re comparing an existing phone to one that doesn’t, I suppose it would be fair to say the GS4 will put the iPhone 5 to shame.

    1. No need to go that far. The Note 2 will take care of that.

  47. I literally cannot imagine a scenario where the iphone 5 ends up being better. Not at the rumored 4″ screen with just a few more pixels. I guess apple could surprise me but honestly I think their days of being a shocking and innovative company are coming to an end; they’re spending more effort on litigation these days. Never mind the fact that a plethora of nexus devices are probably coming this fall, those will be even better than the GS3.

  48. LOL! Wow. It’s one thing for Apple to bash Samsung and spread FUD but when the manufacturer does it it screams of desperation and contempt. Don’t worry little smug CEO whose employees hurl themselves off of rooftops. You are sure to make a profit just not as big as you would have hoped.

  49. In order for the iPhone 5 to put the SGS3 to shame, especially the international version, it would have to do everything Apple doesn’t like to do in a phone: Bigger Screen and Quad-Core Processor and then add LTE in there.

    What you will probably get is a phone that looks exactly like the iPhone 4S thats a little bigger and then they will tout their “retina display” as if its the end all reason you should waste your money on it

  50. And believe me Terry Gou knows a little something about shame…

  51. This is very simple. foxCONN is kissing up to Apple so that Sharp and foxCONN get more display orders instead of these going to Samsung. Apple needs someone with more international market influence to speak up. They suck outside USA compared to Android. And he’s pissed about his price fixing scheme getting busted.

  52. They have yet to even make the iPhone 4G! How can they expect the 5 to put the GS3 to shame? There was a time, yes, when the iPhone was superior in just about every way. But now, the tables are much more even, if not tilted sharply in Android’s favor. The sheer size of the app store might be their only advantage that they have left over Android. My Galaxy Nexus runs circles around any iPhone, even the overrated 4S.

  53. Little does he know, the 4S was the 5. Next up is 6, or the new iPhone.

  54. haha iphone 5 will beat galaxy s3. good joke.

  55. Walk the Talk, Apple. Walk the talk. Simple as that.

  56. Seriously? What an idiot. Whatever the HTC One and Galaxy S III has is better than what the iPhone 5 will have. I mean, what is going to be revolutionary about the new iPhone 5?

    Probably stuff Android already does right now.

  57. I bet the Samsung Galaxy S2 (yes 2) is better than the Iphone 5.

  58. It’s funny how he says don’t buy into the hype when everything leading up to the release of a new iPone is always over hyped. Even last year’s Galaxy Nexus will probably still be on par against the iPhone 5.

  59. How many suicides for the next iphone 5? Working for Foxconn is slave work. Apple needs to bring the jobs back to the US not in Chinatown. Those who support Apple support slavery as well.

  60. I dont think the same, especially when ICS just win the Award for the best interface! Haha!

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