Activision joins forces with Flurry, makes first foray into mobile gaming


Activision has long been a holdout of the mobile gaming industry, sitting on the sidelines as longtime competitors such as EA and newer companies like Gameloft and Zynga reap the rewards of the fastest growing area of the video game industry. Now the publisher is joining forces with mobile analytics firm Flurry to launch their own mobile gaming platform, one that will provide developers with funding, resources, and above all marketing.

Activision plans to use Flurry’s data to drill down on the mobile market and devise the best strategies for getting indie developers noticed, but Activision VP Greg Canessa stressed that the company isn’t making “a big hullablloo” about what they are setting out to do. Instead, Canessa is hoping the product speaks for itself. We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Activision has cooked up, as no games are currently announced for their platform. When more details are released, we have confidence that Activision will deliver. Check out the GameFans story below for more details.

[via GameFans]

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