SongKick for Android now jamming in the Google Play Store


SongKick for Android is officially out, if you haven’t heard. Concert buffs know all about this app, but for those who don’t SongKick is a database of over 100,000 concerts which makes it easier to find live events which fit your taste.

It’s yet another app in the list of apps designed for Android 4.o from the bottom up and it includes some cool contest discovery options.

You can have the app scan your music library to pull in your favorite artists and show the latest about their live performances, get a personalized local calendar, receive notifications for artists coming to your venue, view full show line-ups so you can know whether or not that opening act is worth wasting time on, and a whole lot more. The 4.4MB download is now available in the Google Play Store, so have at it. Read on for full details.

Say Hello To Songkick Concerts On Android

100,000 Concerts In Your Pocket

London, England – 12 June 2012 – Songkick is announcing today its Songkick Concerts app for Android, available now on Google Play. Fans can discover first the latest live music information for their favorite artists with a personalized, local concert calendar. Songkick, the world’s largest single source of concert information, makes the concert discovery experience more fun, easy and social.

Built to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich user experience standards, the app features a useful home screen widget that provides real-time updates when your favorite bands announce tour dates near you. Track your favorite artists from your Android music library, Google Music account, Pandora, or app, taking advantage of the Android 4.0 content provider framework. With stunning gesture-based navigation, you can easily swipe between your plans, new concerts, and all concerts in your location. Interactive notifications ensure you find out about new concerts before tickets go on sale.

“Following on from our explosive growth on iPhone and Spotify, the Songkick for Android app has been the loudest request from our users, and we’ve spent time understanding how to really take advantage of the awesome functionality in Ice Cream Sandwich,” said Ian Hogarth, Songkick CEO and co-founder.

He added, “Research shows that fans go to twice as many concerts once they have Songkick, and a huge number of music fans now listen to music on the go on their mobile devices. We can’t wait to get Android users out to see more shows with their friends.”

Features include: 
– Instantly scan your music library, your Google Music account, and your app to track your favorite artists.
– Import your favorite artists from your Facebook, Pandora or accounts.
– Get a personalized, local concert calendar for your bands.
– Receive alerts when new concerts by your artists are announced.
– For every concert, you can view the full line-up, venue, map, and compare the best ticket offers.
– Jump-to-letter alphabet scrolling makes it quick to move through your tracked bands.
– Browse all events in your calendar or any city worldwide. Add more locations for cities you are interested in or plan to visit.
– Invite friends to concerts, and add them to your Google Calendar.
– Embedded Google Maps make navigation quick and easy.
– Customize your tracked bands, so you never miss your favorite artists playing live.
– Browse the full tour schedule for the bands you like.
– Keep track of your concert plans all in one convenient place.

Songkick on Android is fully integrated with your account, so you can stay in sync anytime. All of your live music information on-the-go, in one convenient place.

Download Songkick Concerts on Google Play:

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  1. I’ve never heard of this website/app before. Think its quiet good, thanks for the heads up :)

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