ASUS Padfone now available in Australia, priced at 899 AUD unlocked for phone and tablet


We got a tip early this morning that the ASUS Padfone is now available in Australia through Mobicity for 899 AUD (approximately US$890). Customers get the phone (unlocked) and the tablet dock for the amount.

Strangely enough, I haven’t found a mention of the keyboard dock, while the stylus-cum-bluetooth headset can be purchased for another 90 dollars.

Thanks, Jarrad!

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I want it in the US

    1. Agreed, I’ve been looking at getting this phone because the way they’ve updated my Transformer. After seeing the computer monitor docking station, I’m sold.

      1. Cosign .. however add 4g and a bigger battery in the actual phone and its a done deal !!

        1. I’ve been reading as many articles as I can find on this phone and from what they’ve reported, the cpu & gpu paring makes the battery super efficient. From what I’ve read it’s on par with the HTC One and better than the Galaxy S2.

          4G is the real problem and has kept me from getting one off Ebay. Originally reported to hit the States in July, now it’s looking like October, maybe November. Hopefully not, that’s too long to wait considering this was shown last year.

          1. I wouldn’t bet on a US release anytime soon. We may expect one on their next refresh of the product, but not before that… Maybe we could see a release across all the Big 4 in the states with 4G. I can see it now. 550 on contract. Wouldn’t that be something.

          2. I’m really hoping they enhance some of the specs, or pricing, to make up for the long delays. Hitting all the carriers like Samsung did would be awesome, I’ll definitely agree to that.

          3. What a novel concept. But we know that thats just what it is .. a concept. I could see everyone but Verizon approving the device though. I do think they will pick up the Galaxy Note 2 though.

          4. Ive heard mixed reviews on it. Just odd to me the phone is 1500 mah and the tablet is 6600 ?!?!?!?! Sounds like they assumed the phone would be in the tablet the majority of the time. Battery wise they should have rated the phone individually to ensure it can operate on its own, then get that extra kick when connecting to the tablet and the keyboard.

            I agree as well about the 4g. Me thinks I’ll have to pass on this version. Id definitely like to get my little grubbies on the next gen though.

  2. $890, that doesn’t sound much cheaper than buying a phone and a tablet separately! Especially compared to the $400 Galaxy Nexus from Google Play and the Nexus Tablet rumored to be priced at $250. Well, at least this is somewhat convenient…

    1. Nexus Tablet is assumed to only have 7″ display though. I don’t want a tablet that small..

      1. When you got a phone that’s 4.8 inches these days, 7 inch tablets aren’t enough of a screen jump or performance jump to warrant 200-400 dollars spent.

  3. it’s also for sale in Estonia for 500€


  5. I think I’ll will wait for gen II of this. (hopefully there is one) You know maybe a dual core A15 chip, next gen LTE chip, 720P screen on the phone, and 1080P on the tablet dock. That’s sounds like a winner.

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