Dropbox for Android update brings custom video streaming for ICS users, language support for Korean


Dropbox have issued a pretty decent update in the Google Play Store recently. Version 2.1.4 has custom-tailored video streaming for Ice Cream Sandwich users. As I don’t have any videos to upload to Dropbox I can’t be too sure of what they mean. Users can also find new localization options as Korean has been added as a supported language. Grab this one in the  Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  2. its awesome i stumbled upon this while trying to send a mms a few weeks ago. sent a 30mb video to my buddy via dropbox. it links to a site that hosted my video kinda like youtube. great way to share my hd videos from my G-Nex

  3. U can also download box and get free 50gb of space

    1. my only problem with box is, to my knowledge, they don’t have a desktop client. I keep many of my files only in my drop-box folder n work from there so its seamless. I don’t like having to upload stuff and then download it later.

      1. You can amount as network disk.

        But yeah with standalone desktop app it will be much easily.

        1. Yea network disk is very very slow. With out a app, BOX is useless unless you just have to have it.

      2. There’s 3rd party clients, however. I currently use as a client. It works just like dropbox except maybe slower.

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