Sprint VIP customers will get first dibs on Galaxy S3 hands-on time


Making history as one of the smoothest US Samsung Galaxy S releases, the Galaxy S3 is now set for a country-wide release during this month. But sprint is taking the initiative and giving a little extra something to its VIP customers. Said users are getting invitations to attend an event in Boston on June 12th, where they will be able to experience “the Next Big Thing” first-hand.

You will also need to register in order to attend, so you might want to rush in and do that as soon as you get your invitation. It should be worth it – Not only because you will be among the first to check out the device, but it also seems like there will be some freebies and prizes given out. Maybe even a Galaxy S3? Who knows, but free is always good!

[Via: Android Central]

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  1. I’m going looks like they are having free booze too.

    1. LOL. ALWAYS a plus.

  2. I’m not old enough to attend and I got the email and I live in Boston

    1. Nevermind found the registration site elsewhere.

  3. I’m not old enough to attend and I got the email and I live in Boston (whoops double post?!?!)

    1. Can I have your invitation? I’m old enough and in Boston and would love to attend!

      1. sorry but my brother is going in my place

    2. Disqus has been lagging alot lately…..

  4. Who is the VIP according to Spring? What it takes to be Sprint VIP?

  5. Come check out our new LTE phone on our nonexistent LTE network!

  6. Come talk about other phones when I’m an apple fan boy and have a shitty 3.5 in phone that’s stuck 3 years in the past

  7. How can I find out more about this I’m very excited for this new phone to come out I being waiting for it, since I first hear about it a couple of months ago,I own the Samsung galaxy s two,and I love my phone not for what it does but just becouse it’s brand Samsung is like my favorite brand in technology products, I want to take a min. To congratulate you guys for bring out such good, and valuable device .

  8. Just read at&t is rumored to release red version in addition to the white & pebble colors….im hoping sprint releases a black one..

    1. They have got to do something. I have the s2..will not get s3 till they have a lte network up and running.

  9. Awesome Galaxy S3 on Sprint’s unlimited slow 2G network.

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