ASUS introduces the Transformer AiO, an 18.4 inch all-in-one Windows touch PC that boots Android.


ASUS has introduced what we somewhat expected them to. Teasers leading up to their showing at Computex lead us to believe that they’d be bringing us a dual-booting Windows/Android tablet, but that’s only half true. They’re bringing the ASUS Transformer AiO, an 18.4 inch all-in-one PC that has a touchscreen and boots Windows.

This product is unique in that you can detach the display and use it as an Android tablet. It wasn’t clear if you’d be able to use it as a Windows 8 tablet as well. But it’s an interesting design that stays true to the Transformer line that it derives its name from. An 18.4 inch tablet isn’t the most ideal for everyone.

In fact, I have a hard time believing this size will appeal to most people. Unless you’re a designer or an architect, it seems rather foolish to carry one around on a daily basis. That said, it’s still a great looking device that gives ASUS yet another product to set themselves apart from any competition. [The Verge via WinSource]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. trying to think of a clever “in your pocket?” joke, but this thing is just too dam big! ;)

  2. eh, no thanks. I like windows 7 a lot, that being said please keep that windows 8 abomination away…far far away.

    1. I also would’ve preferred if it dual booted Android with Windows 7.

      It’s obvious they think Android is the better OS for tablets, since when you undock it, you get Android, but then why keep Windows 8 in desktop mode? Windows 8 is terrible in desktop mode. That’s why Windows 7 would’ve made more sense to me. It’s also why I’d like the idea of Chrome OS and Linux Mint in desktop mode, if other companies are willing to try that.

  3. Love Asus, really trying to bring in the hybrid revolution. I personally don’t find tablets all that useful. But these hybrids are really peaking my interests. Lenova Yoga was an idea I had before it was even announced…. anyways ultrabooks and this type of hybrid look to shake up iPads soon to be ending dominance IMO

  4. I feel like it would be better/more useful if it was around 14.5″ – size of most notebooks.

    1. yeah 18″ is a bit big to hold on ur lap, 12-14 would be ideal and sweet pure HD Android expierence

  5. It almost seems like they’re throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks without doing the careful research. What’s the target consumer for this thing? Are people, outside a relatively few techies, really looking to dual boot?

    1. Alternately, no one actually discussed this with the marketing department.

  6. You could possibly use it as a media center.

    1. How? It’s too small to be a TV for a media center. It’s not built to be an HTPC.

      1. i would love this in my dorm.

  7. I’ll be willing to buy one if the price is realistic. I would prefer a larger screen, however, say a 23″, or even a 27″ for my lap browser (not laptop, mind you, not the same thing.). It should have higher resolution, as well, say 4K!

  8. Set themselves apart from the competition? Who are you kidding? This thing is just as bad an idea as Microsoft’s confusing Windows 8 strategy. They both should follow Apple’s philosophy of focusing on a few things and executing them well.

  9. At this size, I think I’ll stick to a stable OS. As much as it pains me to say…win7 would be my choice at the moment.

  10. I like this – if the price is right I’d buy one. I have a TF101 and so find I never move the lappy (battery is gone now anyway) so the lappy is like a crap desktop. This would be an ideal replacement and I can take it to the bedroom to watch movies better than both the TF101 or the lappy.

    Plus – imagine lying it on the coffee table for a game of Risk!!!

  11. specs? x86 right?

    1. If this is X86 then you should be able to replace windows 8 with windows 7 which would be a much better fit then that travesty they call windows 8

  12. You don’t carry this on a daily basis. You put one on your office desk, and you have one at home.

    If it has a stylus, then it already has a market. I have the Galaxy Note and the ThinkPad Tablet (TPT). Both use a stylus. Sketches and writing coming from the Galaxy Note looks like they were made with crayons, pointed crayons, but crayons nonetheless. The TPT produces work roughly comparable to a pad and pencil (speaking as an amateur), but it is still a bit small for freehanded sketching.*

    I imagine the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will get everything right, but it still seems small for artists. To have a good tablet for freehand sketching, you need 12-15 inches. The 18 inches of the Transformer AiO just seems to go beyond what is useful to hold, let alone carry from place to place.

    * Lenovo has also yet to remove the on-screen softkeys even though the TPT has physical keys. So unless you are wearing gloves, you can’t even write on the bottom third of the screen without touching the home key and blanking whatever you were just writing. This is, IMO, a major self-inflicted wound on Lenovo’s part (the non-functioning GPS and the fragile power buttons and other ports being two more…).

  13. i love it i packed around a 18.1 inch laptop why not yea

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