Flipboard for Android now available in beta form


The folks at Flipboard once committed to offering the iOS-bred app only on the Samsung Galaxy S III. A strange route to go, of course, considering there are many more Android devices out there with many users who probably aren’t getting a Galaxy S III.  The reasoning was simple: quality check.

They wanted to make sure it worked, and worked well, on at least one device starting out, but they’ve since come to realize that they won’t be very successful on Android with a one device model. That’s why they’re now releasing a public beta for all to get their hands on. Betas are nothing new, so you know the drill: things might not work as well as they should, and for that you shouldn’t scold them.

Reporting issues instead will do the trick. If you come across a force close, report it instead of just dismissing the prompt. And send an email off to the folks at Flipboard if something else is off in the app. Do your part and we should have an official release in no time. To get started, download the APK here. You’ll need a phone that is capable of sideloading apps. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What is clipboard?

  2. So what’s the difference between this one and the one straight off of the SIII that I’ve been using for a couple of weeks?

    1. It’s official. That’s the only difference I’ve noticed. And it’s 1.8.4- Beta1 instead of just 1.8.4. But it looks and works exactly the same for me so far. Which is to say quite nicely.

      1. Thanks for saving me the time.

  3. it’s just a bad iOS port. The iOS version is really good but this one kind of sucks. I was expecting better.

  4. What is flipboard for those of us too lazy to check? Lol

    1. There’s been a couple of stories about this mysterious service, and that a beta gets an article, the Phandroid guys must think there’s something big about it. It would be nice if they actually told us what they’re talking about!

      It seems it’s some sort of social media hub, that your Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, etc accounts all tie into so you can see them at once, and presents this all in a pretty magazine format.

    2. Its a GUIer ver of Google Currents; with more pictures; less content.

  5. I side loaded it on my Google TV a while ago and other than the cumbersome hold and roll trackball at the same time to flip up the page and apparently, no easy way to quit the program, it’s kind of neat.

  6. I dislike this app before using it because I have heard that it was out on ios before android. Therefore it is inferior to things that were already available on android. ios has never had anything before android, only poor imitations of things that android manufacturers and developers already released.

    1. Weird. This guy’s presumably an Apple cultist trying to satirise typical Android users, yet everything he says just applies to Apple cultists. It’s like he’s put his actual views down, and swapped all references to Android and iOS.

      (BTW, I don’t mean to imply that all iOS users are Apple cultists, just a minority.)

    2. Robot Unicorn Attack came out on iOS before Android…

  7. FYI — Loaded it on my stock HTC EVO View 4g Tablet! & after accepting the ‘non-std’ screen warning, installed & ran the app. Works and looks great. Even its its present state (I used Flipboard when I owned a 1st gen iPad its not too different).

  8. I got the apk from the galaxy s III an it worked fine but the beta doesnt support hardware acceleration……why

  9. I’ve been using this app since it was ripped from the S3. I really like it. I haven’t ran into any problems as of yet. It looks good and runs well.

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