May 30th, 2012

While the Samsung Galaxy S III has the makings of a great Android phone, not everyone will be inclined to pick one up this summer. And those folks will miss out on the chance to get acquainted with Flipboard’s beautifully designed Android app. But all is not lost, as Engadget reports that the team behind the popular social news app may be close to launching a beta program for users of other Android devices.

Given the app’s reputation for looking great while aggregating a personalized “magazine” culled from the social web, it’s no surprise that Flipboard would focus on a single device with a single screen resolution to create the best experience for the company’s first Android release. But through beta testing with a select group of users the Flipboard team hopes to iron out issues that will keep the app from looking its best on all screens.

There is no exact timeframe for the beta program or an official release, but it sounds like it isn’t more than a few months off. In the meantime, there are other methods to get Flipboard on your Android, but mileage may cary.

[via Engadget]