ASUS Eee Pad Transformer receives OTA update


The original Eee Pad Transformer by ASUS has received a firmware upgrade to version today, and it brings with it some fixes and enhancements that I’m sure a few people will appreciate. One new feature that many of you should definitely appreciate Face Unlock. Sure, it’s not the most secure and practical method for unlocking a device, but it’s still nice to have.

Other changes include the ability for the status bar to maintain on the display during gameplay, and improvements to the email application. Head to the About Tablet section of the device and hit the firmware update to check for it. This should only be available to the US and Canada for the time being. [via]

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  1. Still my favorite tablet… all because of the updates. ASUS has stayed on top of their stuff…

  2. It’s not just US & Canada, I’m UK and I updated this afternoon.

  3. Hopefully this solves the shutting down problem,

  4. Better solve my tablet turning off multiple times a day.

    1. Mine stopped doing that on the previous update, been rock solid since.

  5. I love this TF101, i gotthe referb one at newegg and its perfect, in the three weeks I’ve have it, NOT one issue. EVERYTHING works in it without any issues like everyone else has experienced…. my GPS even works…. I just put … on it today.

  6. Still has a few quirks that need to be worked out But i’m really enjoying Face Unlock &the performence improvements

  7. My transformer still has random reboot cycles =[ Even after the last update.

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